The Days That Were Enigma’12

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Photo Credits: Hassaan H. Gondal (IBA Photography Society)

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What do you expect when you think of an event at Institute of Business Administration (IBA)? Formally dressed serious participants debating, discussing, listening to enlightening speakers, figuring out their paths to future? How about groups of students debating and discussing but also reciting poetry, cooking in the open air, painting their hearts out, playing in the sports ground, showcasing their photography and recording skills, singing, dancing and laughing? This was ENIGMA ’12- the grand event undertaken by IBA Arts Society in collaboration with various other societies to celebrate talent in all its unique forms.

The idea of enigma was conceived by Arts Society Manager Sohaib S. Siddiqui who along with Faisal Iftekhar made up the executive council of Enigma. Working with Fahad Feroz (President Enigma), Halima Affaq (Director creative team), and Rafay M. Kazmi (VP Creatives) the ground work for the four days of Enigma was laid and the troops of the Management team, Teamsters and the Event Directors rallied to make sure the four days of Enigma are filled with productive activities, a competitive atmosphere and lots of fun for everyone.

Day 1:

So how did their efforts to bring this mega event to IBA play out? Starting with Day 1 of the phenomena known as enigma, it wouldn’t be far from the truth to say that the start of Enigma was bewildering. The participants and teamsters alike looked like they were a bit lost. The delays in the registration and the flustered looks on the management teams faces were not lost on anyone. It seemed Enigma had a rough start, but slowly the routine of the day started to emerge. The crowd of participants was ushered into the IBA auditorium and some event directors took on the stage to entertain the crowds till the event could be formally started. The cheering, noise and music did wonders to boost the morale of the audience and by the time CEO Sohaib Siddique took on the stage, anticipation for Enigma was thick in the air.

Despite some unfortunate incidents of room changes and lack of preparation causing some inconvenience, before long the various events were underway. Within an hour IBA was a bustle of activity as the participants rushed around to complete their tasks. Intense sessions of debates, mental math, oration, chess and Movie Junkie went on in the classes as the participants of the English Vocals struggled to match voices with their randomly selected group ala’ Idol style. The sportsmen and girls warmed up for their matches and watched as the stoves for chef’s lair were fired up for the cooking competition held in the open shed. ‘Snap it’ contestants ran around trying to capture those perfect shots to show their team was the one with the most creative skills while the serious artists in Live and Thematic arts got busy designing posters. It was exhilarating, exciting, a showcase of the palette of talents available – the first session showed everyone what team Enigma was trying to accomplish.

As the first day drew to its end, participants were judged in their various competitions. The winners moved forward and others were eliminated. The event directors spelled out the upcoming tasks and those were met with just as much rigor as before. Throughout the day, management team and teamsters ran around to provide help where ever it was needed. People like Afnan bin Ashfaq, Nauman Tariq, Mustafa Naseem, Faisal Iftekhar and Sohaib himself were continuously on the round, smoothing over any problems that arose and lending a hand to the directors. Their priority was to ensure that the participants got the full experience of Enigma without going through any hassle.

The day concluded with the surprise social event- the old favourite ‘Scavanger hunt’! Teams were given folders containing 10 clues which had them scrambling to use their deducting skills and searching around the campus for things such as ‘Adamjee’ , the identity of the masked man, the dancing cow and the elusive ‘Shuboomski Khan’. Very few teams were able to reach till the last item and even then only one recognized Shuboomski Khan sitting right in front of their eyes. After the results were announced, there was the unexpected and thoroughly entertaining talent show in the auditorium and finally the participants left; exhausted but exhilarated and looking forward to the activities of day 2.

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  • i want my college to participte in enigma,.. i want the detailx ,.. plx send it on my email

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