I Find Crises As An Opportunity

Dec 4, 2014 by     1 Comment     Posted under: Ballad, Expressions, General

The whole life seems to be faded
When I wasn’t able it to manipulated
Life was accustomed to be deteriorated
Until I haven’t choose it to be shaded
By bringing my life from negative to positive
I have become motivated
That with sound self-confidence
I can succeed
I started to at look every obstacle I ever hurdled
So I can work hard to accomplish what I ever wanted
I never gave up and believed in being one step closer to
Because I knew that reality is born in imagination
and now
I am fortunate to provide my life a feeling of purpose and gratification.

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  • Amazing..motivating
    as words describe how much it is important to value you own self for your dreams and grab the right opporunities

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