The Pinnacle of Narcissism

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Ever since the genesis of this world, change has been the greatest constant of human life. It may seem ironic but the reality is that this is how life has been, life is and it will be. We humans are complex beings. Monotony can enervate us, bore us and as a result we are constantly struggling to usher in change in our lives in some form or the other. Same is the case with nations. Nations are alive, they do possess a soul and in them dwell patriots who can go to extremes to safeguard its rights, interests and sanctity.

The Pakistani nation was tired of dynastic politics in between recurrent military coups and desired for a change. A change in the political system of Pakistan, a change that could usher in peace and prosperity, a change that could return them the gleam of their eyes, a change that could smooth the creases on their forehead and teach them to embrace life with a wide smile. We were waiting for a messiah and thought God listened to our prayers and sent one in the form of Imran Khan. Standing for hours at his ‘jalsas’ seemed no ordeal at all as it meant catching a glimpse of Imran Khan ,listening to his zealous speeches that made us believe that he is different from the rest ,an advocate of the common man, guarantor of a ‘Naya Pakistan’, a Pakistan that could proudly stand amongst all odds. His countenance reflected purity coupled with loyalty .But we were deceived .Yes, we really were. It has become quite clear that Imran is no different from the others in the political ‘Game of Thrones’. In fact they all are chips of the same block. Reminiscing the tall claims of Imran, which seemed so genuine, is quite painful. It hurts when someone escalates your hopes and promises to work wonders but fails to render even a grain of what was promised. This is what Mr Khan has done.

He promised to usher in change. Yes, he has brought a change but instead of ushering peace, its ushering anarchy, instead of strengthening democracy, it’s paving a path for dictatorship, instead of leading Pakistan to success its causing us to be pulled into the deepest pits of under development. What can be worse than this? Mr Khan needs to show some political maturity .Why doesn’t he realize the fact that for a change to be positive and sustainable it needs to be gradual. History is replete with events where abrupt changes have wrecked havoc in the lives of nations. Does Imran wants the same to happen to Pakistan? He is demanding the resignation of a democratically elected PM of Pakistan, who enjoys the vote of confidence of almost all political parties in the Parliament, on the claim that the May 2013 elections were rigged. He presents Nawaz Sharif as the Voldemort of Pakistani politics. He claims that all unfortunate happenings are due to his very presence. His demand to the PM to step down for thirty days so that impartial investigations related to the rigging of elections can be carried out is pointless. He fears that Nawaz will influence the judiciary and hence affect the judicial commission’s findings.But hasn’t it occurred to Mr Imran that removing Nawaz would mean the appointment of another individual from the same party to that very post whose leader is Nawaz Sharif himself. Being a loyalist of his party why would that individual not do what Imran expects Sharif to do? Then would the resignation of Nawaz Sharif make any difference?

It’s quite clear that Imran’s demands stem from his lust for power. It’s said that absolute power corrupts absolutely but, I believe that lust for power renders no less harm. In fact , it corrupts an individual to a greater extent as is manifested by Khans current antics that are weakening the already fragile democratic apparatus of Pakistan.There is no method to this madness .Mr Khan is adamant on making the Red Zone,the nerve center of the country, a mirror image of Egypt’s Tahrir Square that resulted in a military coup. Does Imran wants Pakistan to experience the same fate as that of Egypt? Does he wants military to intervene? It seems so that his raving of a ‘Naya Pakistan’ was in fact a Pakistan where democracy wouldn’t thrive and military would mingle in the nations politics .Why doesn’t he realize that for the stemming of democracy, continuity is of prime importance. He repeatedly talks of the prevalence of democracy in other parts of the world but why hasn’t it occurred to him that it took centuries for them to evolve a stable democratic apparatus, comparing Pakistan to them is no justice as it has only been sixty-eight years since we gained independence and our history is marred with scars of military coups.

We thought that Imran was our Mandela, Martrin Luther, Che Guvera but sorry to say we are disappointed. Studies have revealed that the communication prowess of an individual constitutes seventy percent of his personality. Hearing Khans current speeches, which are loaded with derogatory terms is bewildering. We NEVER expected him to employ such language. Is this language indicative of his personality? If it is, then it shames us to once have been his staunch supporters. Additionally, Mr Khan is responsible for inciting his followers for violence against the government. In his egotistic tone he calls for a civil disobedience movement against the government. Is this an anti-government move or an anti–state move? It seems to be anti-state move and no patriot can do so.

Mr Khan, do you really think that PTI was capable of sweeping the May 2013 elections? We never expected to clean sweep the elections. These elections were important because they were to provide a political road-map to PTI, a fact that all the independent election observers predicted. The victory of PTI in KPK was a golden chance for Imran to prove the political mettle of his party and his very performance there could have shore shot resulted him in being the premier of Pakistan in the next elections. He accuses the federal government of breaching the trust of the general populace but what noteworthy has his government done in KPK? Monsoon rainfalls were wrecking havoc in KPK, the Chief Minister of KPK was seen dancing to melodies in the PTI sit in Islamabad. Isn’t this the height of shamelessness? The people of KPK voted for PTI as they yearned for a change not because they wanted their leaders to be apathetic in times of need. Mr Khan, in this blame game accuses the Punjab government for centering all its welfare projects in Lahore. What noteworthy has PTI done in KPK? Isn’t the KPK government centering all its projects in Peshawar? What about Mardan, Risalpur, and other small towns in KPK? Would they experience the same fate as the rural areas of Punjab? Mr Khan needs to give satisfactory answers to these questions. But it seems that Mr Khan has succumbed to his lust for power and his narcissistic and egotistic approach would lead us nowhere. His only attraction is the ousting of the current government and imagining himself as the next premier of Pakistan. The person who doesn’t respects the two vital pillars of state, the legislature and judiciary, is doing no good to harbor democracy in Pakistan. Instead he is reducing the validity of these national institutions and this surely can’t be done by a national leader which Mr Imran boasts of being one.

Politics in Pakistan is a dirty game . It causes you to stand at a crossroads where you either have to be altruistic or narcissistic. Only the truest and bravest of leaders manage to be narcissistic and their tales of heroism continue to inspire the hearts of individuals for centuries. It pains me to affirm the fact that Mr Khan isn’t such a leader, he could have been but he took the wrong course. He was a fabulous sportsman, a human rights activists, a philanthropist but as a politician he surely has failed. Democracy is the life line of Pakistan and those who threaten it aren’t leaders. Same is the case with Imran Khan.

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  • Its a very logically crafted article!Everything that she said is quite true and couldn’t be put into words better than she did. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am anxiously waiting for other write ups from the same author:)

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