Girl: Blessing or a Curse?

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Islam has given a precious place to women but still today we are fighting for Women’s Rights. So a question arises here: are we really giving her the due significance which she deserves? By observing the circumstances occurring around us I want to show you a glimpse of a real girl. I myself as a girl have seen many ups and downs in my life and gone through many ache-some circumstances which have taught me many lessons of being a girl.

Our society accepts a boy as a grace and a girl as a curse. We never adore a girl and lament on her birth while rejoice on a birth of a boy. We consider man as the magnificent creature of this universe and fulfil his wishes by giving him due significance. The girl has been unheeded from the time of her birth and eventually it creates inequality in both. Her life seems futile but she never complains and conceals her wishes within her, still she is nagged for negligible things. All she needs is love and care which is not given to her and gradually her life starts to fade. After being disgraced several times. At last she abdicates and clinches either to commit suicide or vacate her family which is not an easy step for her to take but she is forced to.

At each phase of her life, she realizes that being a girl is her biggest disadvantage and these thoughts create a sense of resentment that she feels towards man and society. Because she feels that she will not be allowed to grow independently as she lives in a male dominant society. Our society demanded a naïve girl so, that they can conserve their dominance and if she asks for her rights she becomes uncivil for them. She also has some appetite but no one asks her affinity and antipathy which again saddens her, she grows hopeless and mentally sick but still we consider her as our acquisition.

The reason for the discrimination and the discrepancy is because of the fact that ever since our creation education has never been our priority. There’s an English proverb which states:

“If you educate a boy you’re educating a single individual and if you educate a girl you’re are educating the whole family.”

The nations which have given regard and importance to education are not facing the problems which our women face on a daily basis because; they allow their women to work shoulder to shoulder with their men. Our religion emphasizes on the education of women but, still we fail to give her the equal rights and status.

Take time to have a look around you, you will surely find a girl whose eyes are still asking a question: “Does she possess any self-worth?”

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  • Quite reflective article.

    • Thank You for your Appreciation :)

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