A Pakistan of Pakistanis: Jinnah’s Unfulfilled Destiny?

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When we got independence, we were happy with getting a new separate homeland, Pakistan – A land of pure people. But as time passed by, our patriotism vanished into thin air. If we take a look at the 66 years of Pakistan’s history, we will realize what we have gained and lost in these years.

When we got this homeland in the name of Islam, we were all Muslims. But today, some of us are Sunni and some are Shia. Some are Brelvi and some are Deobandi. Some are busy in a tussle discussing whether Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was made from light or clay, while others fight over the folding of hands while praying. Everyone wants to preach their own version of Islam, considering it to be perfect while declaring others ‘Infidels’. You are asked to control your thoughts and not even try to ask a question regarding religion while others are saying, “You will be an infidel, if you ask”. Where is the true Islam and the true Muslim?

When we got independence we were united; we were all Pakistani. But today, some of us are Sindhi and some are Baloch. Some are Punjabi and some are Siraiki. We are Pakhtun, we are Hazara, and we are Gilgiti. We are anything but Pakistanis. Where is Jinnah’s Pakistan and who is Pakistani? Calls for an independent Balochistan are growing beyond the point of repression while those for a Sindhi ‘watan’ are starting to be heard underground. Some are chanting slogans for a separate province while others are asking to remain united (only for political benefits). You can even hear murmurs saying the creation of Pakistan was a blunder in history while others say it was not demanded in the name of Islam but as a secular state. Is this the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for which our elders had sacrificed their lives? I must repeat: we are anything but Pakistanis!

Youth forms a huge 55% of our total population. Today, our young generation wants to study in America and then become a corporate slave in Dubai. They long to spend their vacations in Europe and then aim to establish themselves in Canada. Even in the present, they dine on Chinese cuisine, Italian Pizza and Russian Salad. Moreover, they want to watch Hollywood movies and are interested in listening to Indian songs only. Can you find Jinnah’s Pakistan anywhere?

We have gained so much in these 66 years, but lost the sense of being a Pakistani. The late Moin Akhtar once said, “We imported killings, murders, rapes, prostitution, brothels, deceiving, hypocrisy, arrogance, illiteracy and above all hatred from abroad. But we exported brotherhood, unity, honesty, literacy, simplicity and above all love.” We lost everything which is good for us and gained what is detrimental to us.

Quaid-e-Azam had once said, “There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan”. But now we ourselves are helping hands to those who want to undo Pakistan by being everything but Pakistani. It is high time to be united, to be Pakistani and above all to be a human. Lets make Jinnah’s Pakistan a safe abode for humanity otherwise
Iqbal has already warned us:

Watan ki Fikar kar Nadaan, Musibat anay wali hai,
Teri Barbadiyon kay Mashwarey hain Aasmanon main.

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  • Very well written Murad, I agree with you.

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