Masla Auntie 2.0, Ep 6 – Over-protection

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Dear Masla Auntie

I am a 23-year-old, independent woman who is quite literally married to her career. I recently started a small business and love doing what I do – helping others in need. Since I am an only child, my parents have had quite a difficult time in accepting the fact that I am now an adult and can make my own decisions.

My father, particularly, is finding my “new found independence” – as he calls it – very hard to accept. He feels that I must stop “wasting my time” and start using my talents in the family business. But I’m not interested in it!

How do I convince him to respect my choices in life?

Over-protection Overrated

Dear Over-protection Overrated,

You seem to me to be a very strong, independent woman who knows what she wants. If you, under the suffocating circumstances you claim to have lived in, were able to start a small business against such odds – then I don’t think you should have any problem in making your father see that you are no more a child.

Fathers are more often than not very attached to their daughters; their protective instincts come to the fore especially when they have only one child – and it’s a girl. It is hard for most parents to accept it when their children grow to adulthood – but for parents with one one child, even more so.

Your father is simply having difficulty adjusting to the fact that you have now grown up.

I suggest that you sit down and talk it out with him; explain to him that you are now fully able to make your own decisions – without completely becoming independent of his protection. He needs you more than you need him; do not make him feel unwanted. He loves you. Show him that he can trust your judgment as he has brought you up – and done a marvelous job at it.

I’m sure you will be able to come to a settlement between you both.

All the best,


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