Gold Dust

Nov 2, 2013 by     1 Comment     Posted under: Ballad, Expressions

She stood–asunder from the division

In search, was she? Longing, was she?

She stood–alone

Had she a dream? Had she any hope?

A handful of gold dust and a myriad of dreams

Was it all she had?

She pondered–in solitude

* * * * * * *

Hope was there at the end of the setting sun

So she took the journey towards it

‘Hoping’ to catch a glimpse of hope

Sadly, it was night soon.

With only a handful of gold dust

And smoke in her dreams

And mist in her eyes

Fog in her path–dust in her body

She pondered in solitude.

* * * * * * *

The moment of crashing euphoria

All her dreams bled out

All her hopes faded away

Everything she knew turned to ash

What was left–was gold dust

Pure gold dust–and we pondered in silence.

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