11 Reasons Why I Will Not Go To Watch Waar

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Its been five days since the most anticipated film in the history of Pakistani cinema, Waar, hit screens all across Pakistan. And the team behind the movie will not be disappointed as the film breaks record after record, collecting Rs 11.4 million on the first day of release, and Rs 42.6 million in its first three days. However, it is with great disappointment that I am compelled to write that I, for one, am not joining the hoards of misled movie-goers to go and watch Bilal Lashari’s long-awaited action thriller. Why? Here are my reasons:

  1. It Has Shaan. <– That Gujjar guy? Oh dear Lord, he still haunts us.shaan1
  2. It’s about the problems of our nation. Yes, I love listening to the problems my country has when I go to watch a movie. You have no idea!
  3. It’s being referred to as the revival of our cinema. Last time they said the same thing about a movie, it was ‘Khuda k Liyay’ or ‘Bol’. I went to watch them. I slept in the first 5 mins.
  4. Simply, it’s not Hollywood. And I don’t like paying for a cinema ticket for anything less than Hollywood. Not even Bollywood is worth my pocket
  5. It shows Pakistan’s bad side. Again. How about a movie that possibly shows our good side, for a change? Dramas tell the same, media says the same. Shouldn’t movies show differently, and actually help invigorate people’s mindsets?
  6. It sounds bollywoodish. I’m against the idea of Pakistani films that tend to go Indian in the process. An example: Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi, that actually has ITEM SONGS. Woo hoo, yes our cricketers do that in Walaiti towns, and you should so promote it. I mean come on, that isn’t appropriate at all!
  7. It’s named Waar. That itself is indicative of WAR. Pakistan has become synonymous to that, and all the other negative things. And we are promoting the ideas. How cool are we?
  8. It seems slow. I’m used to movies with continuous flow of information. My guess says this would be slow and no, I can’t bear slow movies.
  9. Not a good cast. I’ve seen the lot in action. Ali Azmat seems promising but by God, Meesha and Shamoon! NO! DISTRESSING ACTORS. (Ignoring Meesha’s Sexual Appeal)
  10. It’s too long. A one hundred and thirty minutes for an action flick? You have got to be kidding me! I am sure half the people will go to sleep before the intermission.
  11. It’s being compared to Chennai Express. Need I say more?


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  • Are you fucking kidding me?

  • You forgot to mention the 12th reason i.e ‘you are very cool’

  • Probably the worst article I’ve read this week. Baseless arguments and immature reasoning.

  • foolish and naive.

  • You know when I read the title I was like “This should be interesting”. Why? because I know Waar is not the perfect film and has its share of mistakes and I wanted to see what the writer would point towards. Having read the entire thing Im sorry but Im compelled to say that this was just trash. I mean the points are so stupid and don’t even make sense. For instance the point that It has Shaan? So what, Shaan is a talented actor and EVRYONE who has seen Waar will agree to this. Im sorry but this piece is just stupid

  • Although your every argument is sick as Hell, but ill be commenting on some of them …

    Firstly, its not bollywood, you dont have some sluts dancing around in half clothes, secondly it does not show the bad side of Pakistan, it just revealing the truth about Pakistan.

    And about that Cheenai Express thingi, you cant compare it to Waar, because I think Waar is better than some Bollywood movie which has the same old story repeated again and again .

    At last, start respecting someone’s hard work, in Pakistan, making movie like Waar is not easy …

  • Its Satire. Right? Please God let it be Satire. :/

  • Seriously?! Did you even bother researching before writing this? I don’t even count these sentences as reasoning.

  • Okay wait. Even though I haven’t watched it, I intend to watch it soon. Shaan, The Gujjar Guy? I am not a fan of Shan but you should realize people change with time. And I wonder why on earth you didn’t find BOL interesting. It has got a wonderful storyline. Okay I am not really fond of movies which show the bad side of Pakistan but don’t you think this is a success of the Pakistani film industry? Also, whatever is shown may probably be the reality. You have made assumptions. Watch the movie first. You are being pretty critical for no good reason!

  • Can’t say anything about those 11 reasons but you sure have 1 reason to visit the doctor!

  • Dude you are so cool! Cheap article just to get cheap publicity? First of All correct your figures!
    If I am not wrong Shaan is an actor! He had to work in all those gujjar kind of movies as moron like you never thought of making one good movie! Shaan has declined offers from India, he has got talent. A true patriot and a good actor. People like should be hanged in the center of the city cuz its not just about this movie, people like u r in all fields WHO CAN NOT DO SUMTHING GOOD FOR COUNTRY AND NEITHER YOU LET ANYONE ELSE DO IT!

  • Oh God such a bull***t article …
    U r continuously using words like “i have a feeling” , which shows how full of trash your assessment is. Shan has done wonderful acting in this and the point about comparing it to Chennai Express is because it was the highest grossing movie in Pakistan until Waar beat it. About other points i guess the other comments are sufficient and plz let this b ur last article because i certainly cant digest another one like this.

  • One reason not to read this article… “the writer is an idiot with a burger mind”

  • Lmao what a waste,, movie was absolutely brilliant, yes i am indian, and yes this movie deserved to be a superhit, it beats all bollywood shit outhere,, sooo realistic, 10/10

  • Waar isn’t a perfect movie, but your article is devoid of any mature reasoning or constructive criticism. It is immature and a waste of my time. The only intriguing part of your article is the title… Beyond that, I’d have preferred to watch my nails grow longer.
    Bottom line: Waar is definitely worth a watch.

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