10 Reasons Why You Should Attend NIMUN 2014

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Let us not get into boring rhetoric and waste our time. We talk with arguments – plain and simple. So we compiled a list of reasons why you must attend NUST International Model United Nations (NIMUN) 2014 – the most exciting event happening in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad in January 2014.

  1. Polish Your Debating Skills.
    Even a cursory glance at the credentials of the Committee Directors and OC of NIMUN 2014 would have been enough to ensure this: we only have the best of the best debaters here at NIMUN 2014! They know their turf alright! So why not avail this opportunity to soak up on all of the amazing experience that NIMUN 2014 has to offer? You will be meeting the best judges, committee heads and delegates from around the globe. This is your opportunity to show these people who you are. This is your chance to shine – don’t let it go!
  2. Not Your Ordinary MUN!
    NIMUN is not another MUN – it is an event of international significance. Many of you might have been a part of a lot of National or Local Model United Nations but NIMUN gives you something other than a chance to test your debating skills and that is international exposure. So why not go beyond borders?
  3. International Exposure!
    You will be getting a chance to meet some of the top class debators and MUNers from around the world! This is not only your chance to make new friends but also to learn from the experience that NIMUN has to offer. How many people have you met who can boast of attending an international MUN with some of the best speakers as their competitors? NIMUN is going to be anything but boring! It is going to be tough; it is going to be competitive! But we can assure you, it is going to be worth it!
  4. Experience Cultural Diversity!
    You will be meeting people from diverse backgrounds and it is a perfect opportunity to learn and grow. We appreciate diversity and you can easily blend in and be a part of a culturally diverse social circle at NUST.
  5. Get To Experience The Life Inside NUST!
    Trust us when we say this: You are going to enjoy every single moment you spend here. NUST is spread throughout the H-12 sector so if you like walking and roaming around you will have a pretty swell time. A lot of space, green or otherwise, to clear your head when the committee sessions get intense.
  6. For The Love Of Food!
    NUST has two cafes, Concordia 1 and Concordia 2. If you want some real comfort food Concordia 1 is the place, with everything from a spicy shawarma to a plate of biryani or a pizza if you fancy some. If you start craving for some bakery delicacies, don’t fret, just head on to Harold’s Bakery at Concordia 2.
  7. Speak Your Mind!
    Ever been told that you are the condescending one in the group just because you have an opinion of your own? Guess what? Here at NIMUN 2014 that is exactly what we want you to do – have an opinion and speak your mind!
  8. We Know How To Pull It Off!
    The past two MUNs have been, without an exaggeration, a brilliant success. All our guests from the past two years have certainly found the NUST MUN experience worth all the time and effort. We have chairs that are good at what they do, participants who will really challenge you and exciting media coverage. No wonder people keep coming back for more! We know how it’s done!
  9. Hospitality And Protocol!
    The NIMUN team is known for its hospitality. We treat our participants as our guests and make every effort to ensure that their experience is a memorable one.
  10. Pretty Pictures!
    We have a media team that we are proud of so you will have plenty of pretty pictures to show to your family and friends once you go back. And if you were thinking of putting up a new Facebook display, just ask one of our photographers nicely. They will be happy to oblige!

So, what are you waiting for? Register for one of Pakistan’s very few International MUNs now, and come visit Islamabad and NUST in all its winter glory! We look forward to seeing you here.


Article by Sameen Mohsin and Amna Ahsan, Submitted for publishing by Tayaba Iftikhar.

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