The Spirit of Eid

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As we take a breather from the roller coaster ride most of our days have now become, we are overwhelmed by the negativity that surrounds us. Everywhere the eye falls, one sees signs of despair and tragedy. Not a day goes by when the News Channels are not plastering the TV screen with reports of new and hitherto unforeseen acts capable of inspiring terror in the strongest of us. Yet, amongst the violence and the painful cries, there lies the silent figure of Hope. It’s presence is most strongly felt during the festival of Eid.

For most of our Pakistani counterparts, Eid is the one festival where all the ills and sufferings fade away. Those preaching intolerance – be it religious or creed based – are pushed to the sidelines to wallow in their misery as the nation sheds its pessimistic skin in favor of a more festive outlook.

Don’t let the woeful misers pull you down! Last year’s Eid was greeted by mixed feelings, with a bombardment of SMSes calling out to not celebrate the festival as “our Pakistani brothers and sisters are going through such misery”. Funnily enough, it is these same Pakistani counterparts that most look forward to these festivals.

Eid is not just visiting family members and looking forward to receiving Eidi all the while pretending a modesty that does not in the least become you. Eid embraces brotherhood, makes us all equal in our joy of celebrations and is testament to new beginnings.

While some may feel guilty about celebrating Eid in present times, make no mistake: our celebrations go hand in hand with other people’s livelihood. What you spend in Eid could very well help a poor man clothe his family; it could also be the reason for a child’s smile when his father can afford to buy him new clothes for this joyous festival.

Given the horrible past year (I really have lost count how many of those Pakistan has had in this particular decade), I think we all need a break from mourning. Shed those blacks and hug the person next to you. Celebrate Eid in the memory of those who live – and those who don’t. The spirit of Eid encompasses forgiveness and sharing; try and embrace it for what it truly is. If you really want to help your countrymen, donate Eid clothes, shoes and gifts that they can find useful at this auspicious occasion – don’t step away from receiving and giving joy; no matter the circumstances.

The people of Pakistan deserve this Eid – let’s celebrate it together and show those cowards hiding in the mountain caves that no matter how many buses they bomb, no matter how many little girls they kill on their way to school; we refuse to be pushed into darkness and will move forward with life.

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  • this article is quite good about pakistanis that how they celebrate eid but dont think of poor people

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