The Changing Psyche of A Common Pakistani

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An mIRC Chat Room [1998] :

hOmie_X : Asl ?

pakiStani17 : 17 female Islamabad

hOmie_X : HEY =D

pakiStani17: wht abt yew

hOmie_X : I am 19, from khi, obviously a guy

Some months later

Sameer: um

Ayesha: hm

Sameer: I wanna say sm thing but plz dnt be angry

Ayesha: okay

Sameer: I like you

*Ayesha is offline, you can still send a message to her, she will read it when she logs in next time.*

Some years later

Sameer: Talk to your parents, na.

Ayesha: I can’t, I am so afraid. What will happen to me………..

Pakistan [2008] :

Zurtasha: So you finally found me stalker ;)

Saim: Haha you were in mutual friends so I thought why not catch up after the movie hangout yesterday :p

2 weeks later

Zurtasha: I think I have developed feelings for you :O)

Saim: I  have been meaning to say the same, I love you so much Zurtasha, I fell in love when I saw you.

2 months later

Zurtasha: No hard feelings right? We will stay good friends.

Saim: Yeah, ofcourse, had a good time with you.

Pakistan [1996] :

A middle-aged man:  MashAllah your son is so God gifted, such a genius. Do make him a Hafiz-e-Quran, I think he can do it easily.

Father: Yes, Yes, once he is in 5th I am going to send him to Madrissa for religious grooming, he will learn the right way of life there surely. They give formal education too.

Pakistab [2006] :

Father:Tell me who is it you have been hanging out with. That Maulvi’s son must have propagated your mind. There is no way you are going to a madrassa and waste three years of your life. In fact, not just three years, but all your life. I know how it ends, you will end up in Afghanistan, Kiyani Sahab’s son also joined these so-called Allah k Mujahid, corrupting minds of our generation.

Son: But Abu, I just want to read the Quran thoroughly.

Father: What use is that, huh? Go prepare for your mocks, and I am taking away your computer till exams,

Mom: Allah mere bachay ko seedha rasta dikhaa dey.

A Mehndi Ceremony in Model Town Lahore [1998] :

Mehndi hai rachnewaali, haathon mein gehri laali

Kahe sakhiyaan, ab kaliyaan

Haathon mein khilnewaali hain

Tere mann ko, jeevan ko

Nayi khushiyaan milnewaali hai

A beautiful girl in greenish yellow dress is singing vibrantly along with a flock of ladies of all age. The young girl is the sister of Groom and she is very excited about this ceremony and her brother’s marriage. She has a spoon in one hand and a dhol in her lap and her melodious voice and sound of dhol’s matching beats have created a symphonic show. An old lady sitting on a comfortable sofa nearby is enjoying this ceremony the most. She is loving the atmosphere created by her young descendants.


Another Mehndi in Same Family [2009] :

A beautiful girl is breathless and nearly sweating, but continues dancing on the latest Bollywood numbers. The crowd whistles as lyrics come to “Sexy lady on the floor, Keep you coming back for more” and the girl does more than justice to the lyrics with her alluring dance steps. The same old lady also tries to whistle unsuccessfully but she is proud of her nonetheless. Her granddaughter has made her proud in-front of the American born groom and his family.

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  • Excellent, very well said!

  • The only constant in life is change. Good or bad, guess we just have to accept it.

  • You are always the first to comment on my articles :3 and Thankyou ^_^

  • I haven’t concluded anything man, thats for you people to decide its good or bad.

  • truly depicted the darkness in which our society is falling…

  • This is good change. Atlast our society is popping its tiny head out of traditions and rituals.

  • Haha bcs your articles are precise and in points, makes it easier to read :P

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