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I don’t understand why in the world, everyone in my world seems to think that the most important people in their lives, the ones whom they really care about, and those whose opinions matter to them the most, are ‘loag’ (people/society). Loag, the dreaded hounds, who are so perfect that they have the right to judge everyone on the planet. Loag, who never fail, never get bad grades yet are still never nerds, never lose charm and the ability to make everyone laugh, never speak too much, never speak too less, never speak loudly, and never too slowly. They never listen to a lot of music but never stop listening to music either, never hum music but never stop from dancing and singing at parties. Loag, who never have bad hair days, never repeat their clothes, never wear cheap clothes, out-of-fashion clothes, over-simple clothes, under-simple clothes, over-gaudy clothes, under-gaudy clothes, too-bold-color clothes, boring-muted color clothes, non-fitted loose clothes, too fitted tight clothes, and absolutely never, ever do they wear an article of clothing that has been worn or will be worn or owned by any human being in the history of the world, proclaiming their uniqueness!

I mean, when it comes to thinking about the people you really love like your friends and family, a lot of people say these on a lot of issues, ‘Well, I don’t care’ or ‘I will do just what I think is right and I don’t care what my friend will think because she should think what I am thinking! (yes reader, just try figuring out this sentence)’ or ‘If she is my friend/family, she should be in my favor’. Hence, effectively canceling out the influence or value of their friend’s/family’s thoughts, however, I am confounded as to why, why, do the same people give a damn when it comes to caring about the ‘loag’?

Yes, they ‘say’ that ‘Oh, we don’t care about loag’, but their actions (Oh God, please don’t stat me again!), the constant worrying, the constant changing of plans, of dreams, of fun events, of daring adventures, of heroic charities, of any action that they wanted to take; just to suit the society’s definitions of right and wrong, betrays their real emotions.

I just wish. I wish to live in a world where no one was allowed to judge anyone.

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  • well written sadia.

  • the thing is people should mind their own business and not peek their nose in others business.
    koi kya karta hai whats ur concern in that. just let it be…

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