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Sometimes in our life, we have to realize that this world is not created for us alone; we should understand that we actually need to take a stand and we have to be real and practical instead of dreaming and fantasizing.

People usually say that decision-making is pretty difficult, which is true to a great extent, but what I believe in is that standing by that decision with firmness and loyalty is much more difficult! This is because a human’s innate propensity of recalling and regretting things and of looking back to whatever happened in past, is quite high and this is the underlying reason for most of our decisions never being perpetual!

Once we take a stand to walk away, it seems to be pretty fascinating and contenting at first, for we try to keep ourselves away from that particular being who hurts us the most. Then within no time, we start to either regret our decision, or give that person another chance to hurt us, or remain mute which is the fastest approach to die inside!

Well decision-making seems to be hard too, as I mentioned above, but standing by that choice is only possible if we don’t look back! If only we would try to train ourselves to live without a person who meant so much to us, to erase all the distracting past memories that prevent us from focusing on our real ambitions, to cut off that thread which once used to hold us to that person. All of it might seem harsh, but not impossible, for as where is a will, there is a way, and for every tragic moment of our life, there is an everlasting happiness waiting for the right time to reward us! This reminds me of the words of Abraham Lincoln, “I’m a slow walker, but I never walk back.”

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  • Amazingly amazing!
    Really mehjabeen, liked every bit of it. I really wasn’t aware of this talent of urs (y)

  • Aww Thank you soo much Atiya ! :D

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