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 “I confess that I am very excited for this Government to say its last goodbyes, Time to celebrate!”

No offense my beloved Government but I could not control myself, for it is the season of “Confessions”.  Just like the weather of a country, our beloved social networking site “Facebook” also has seasons. A new fad comes and goes viral to the extent of boredom. Last time it was the tips’ season. Every country, city, organization, university and College was coming up with tips of their own. And now it’s time for the latest fad on facebook. Tada! Confessions! I am really curious about who made the first confessions’ page on facebook because before I knew my homepage got filled up with every college and university child ranting out their frustrations already. It is said, that the idea has been copied off a foreign university. I, out of curiosity and boredom went through some of these pages. And boy, I am already feeling the generation gap! But I won’t deny I was quite entertained by the quality of the content. Here are the types of confessions which are coming up on these pages:

1) Crush/ Love = Desperation:

For all those boys and girls who had been eyeing this special someone for so long, the mastermind behind “Confessions” is no less than a messiah. It has given all those desperate lovers an outlet for the expression of their undying love and affection for a certain someone.  90% of the confessions on these pages are about unfinished sickening love stories. “ I really like this girl who wears brown glasses and has long hair in the XYZ batch” “ Miss ABC is the prettiest girl of college , sigh will she go on a date with me” “ I am in love with a boy whose name starts with a P and is head of the publications society”.”The girl with the naughty eyes, Please leave your boyfriend, XOXO” A word of advice to all those cowardly lovers, your principal could be the admin of the page! Ha-ha!

2) Hate Mail :

Hate somebody’s dressing sense? Detest the way they walk or talk? Voila! You have the perfect forum to tell them how you feel! I was surprised to read stuff like “ The girl in final batch who wears tight jeans , please stop showing off your figure” “All the guys who were posing today, your sunglasses were really ugly” “ The couple who loves PDA, you are so nauseating” . Ahem!, all I can say after reading this magnificent show of public attack, if you got the guts, you anonymous haters, come say it out on the face of the person you hate!

3) Teacher Bashing :

Since most pages have been made by Universities, students are having a ball criticizing every single thing they hate about their teachers from their accents, to their clothing, to their style. Don’t be too excited kiddos; facebook unfortunately has no age limits! Your teacher might be watching you!

4) The True Confessions:

I must say I found some of the confessions immensely engaging.  Statements like “I (a girl) went into the gents toilet once and bumped into my teacher” ““I stole some food from the College Cafeteria and never paid”, “I once came drunk to class: O “, “I cheated on my exam once by leaking out the paper”.  Guess these guys are really trying to come out clean through this platform. I wish them luck!

5) The Chummy Confessions :

And then there were few kids on these pages who just wanted to have some harmless expression of love “ My batch mates are the best” “ My university is the best” “ I am going to miss my university” , “ Miss XYZ is the best teacher one could ask for” etc.  As touched as I am harmless fellows, I am sure the admin is looking for some spice.

While some claim that these confession pages are harmless fun, I also read some outbursts yesterday that these forums were hurting people’s feelings in the name of fun.  And the admin should play a more responsible role in filtering what has been said. Well all I can say is don’t worry guys, like every other fad, we shall grow out of this, SOON.

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  • Lol funny! Well written!

  • lol.i ‘confess’ i actually did ‘lol’.

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