Perpetual Lies

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“Hurt me with the truth, but never entertain me with a Lie!”

Lies-which an average individual tells about nearly 6 times a day, the most common being, “I am Fine!”-are the most frequent cause of misunderstandings. But is telling a lie really as awful as it is considered in our daily life? Well, let’s try to sort it out.

Falsehood, when spoken for the grounds to hurt somebody is undeniably immoral! But if someone is going to lie, then he ought to be confident that the lie is perpetual enough that it will never be revealed! Or else, you will lose that person forever! Likewise, if you are going to utter a lie for some noble cause, like a doctor lies to a patient that he/she should be fine in future, although there may be little or no chance of recovery, even at that situation, the doctor must be sure enough that the lie won’t be discovered in any possible way!

Well, perpetual lies are difficult to speak, because sooner or later lies do get unmasked, leaving everything behind just broken and shattered. And at that moment there is nothing left instead of guilt, embarrassment and regret! So it is really not a good idea anyhow to tell lies, whether for good but mostly for bad. Because lies are lies, and trust once broken, can never be rebuilt! So always be cautious while telling a lie. Either speak a ‘Perpetual Lie’, or be ready for a ‘Perpetual Misunderstanding’!

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  • Bravo, Mahjabeen! Awesome write-up.
    I really liked the last line, has a nice ring to it :D
    “Either speak a ‘Perpetual Lie’, or be ready for a ‘Perpetual Misunderstanding’!”
    Great line :D
    But, I think sometimes white lies are necessary to sustain a relationship. Lies do tend to get unmasked, but to cause unnecessary hurt to someone you love by telling them the truth – is kind of repulsive to me. For instance, a husband tells a white lie when his wife asks him whether she is looking pretty or not. Even if she doesn’t, the husband says otherwise.
    I know a pretty cliched example, but this happens and it is kind of sweet – that you lie for the sake of the happiness of people you love.:)

    • Thank you so very much! And Yeah you are right, sometimes white lies are necessary to maintain a relationship harmoniously … And there is nothing bad about it :) Because in the end, you are hoping for a noble outcome, which would be much more productive than that of a hurting truth :)

  • wow weldone mahjabeen nice thought n great job dear n keep writing GOD BLEES U:)

    • Thank you so much Parisa ! :)

  • aahhhh….startng line dirctly touchd my soul…n da last gives da topic a meaningful endng…dis z wat i wantd to c in ur topic n dis z wat i tried to let u undrstand dat day….simply prfct :)

    • Oh Thanks Maria ! :) And yeah, I truly got the meaning of your sincere advise that day ! I really respect your sincerity… Thanks for your appreciation Adi :)

  • great effort mahajabeen!! the tagged words are superb. It restrains a person to read it completely. GOOD LUCK :)

  • Thank you so very much Perah ! :) :)

  • Good job Maha! Keep writing…..

    • Awh … Thank you Kaveeta :D

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