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If it was anything at all, I would call it a divine injunction. He was destined to meet her. His inner instincts would scream to tell him that it was the work of fate. Was it? If so, then why does it have to be so tangled up with complications? He hasn’t gotten the answer to this question till this day.

“You’re adorable,” he would say with a light blush under his dark skin and a feeling of excitement creeping up his body.

A slight smile is what he would get in return and it was enough to satisfy his anticipation of gaining her encouragement. Laying his eyes on her, he would feed his soul and for many moments, the world would seemingly stop while he appreciated the illuminated face of his companion.

“Don’t look at me like that!”

She would say with a girlish giggle adding to the unspeakable beauty of the moment. With her words, the charm that had engulfed him would shatter in an instant and he would realize how much life is around them. The days that followed were the days he wouldn’t have imagined in his wildest fantasies. He was obsessed with every aspect of the fellow Providence had blessed him with. Her faint sweet odour would fill his heart with inexplicable pleasure and he would accompany her to wherever he could, for his leisurely days were undoubtedly proceeding towards an end. He wanted to rejoice every moment of their existence, together as one.

He extended his hand towards her, his eyes searching for every bit of emotion on her pretty face. She extended her hand with certain hesitation. This didn’t go unnoticed. His expression clearly asked the reason for such a violation of the unwritten principle he had created for them both.

“It is someone else.”

Every word that came out of her mouth served as a dagger that dug deep into the flesh of his dreams and desires. Keeping his emotions within, he walked away, though with anger and the undeniable feeling of being back stabbed. He decided to make her suffer for he had been hurt himself. He decided to hate her very existence. He watched her reduce to tears due to his constant ignorance of her presence. That’s when he realized how much he had loved her and how difficult it was for him to hate whom he had taken into his arms before. If it had been so easy to hate, God would have destroyed the beings who descended from Adam and had violated all the laws of morality, thereby causing Earth’s destruction. He realized that he couldn’t do what Almighty himself couldn’t keep up with.

He repented. He cried for the sin he had done. With little hope, he asked for forgiveness. He was forgiven. This marked the pinnacle of their beautiful relationship. When it was time to embark on separate paths, he held her in his arms and assured her that they would meet again; however, as friends. Upon leaving her, he knew that it was not going to be the same again. He wished for a new beginning, he searched for every possible way to get back what he had lost but in reality, there was no way because all his dreams had already come to a  shocking shatter.

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  • Wow… Speechless… If only it was ‘fiction’ as the writer tagged it above. Because the words sure seem to paint a different picture.

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