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Each year on Independence Day, a strange part of me awakens, my patriotic side springs up out of nowhere, and shouts and longs for exposure. I end up with my exclusive green clothes, cooking ‘green’ banana jelly, putting up a jhanda on my balcony, and writing a patriotic status on social networking sites. This has been the case with me, for as long as my memory can trace back.  Yesterday, when I was randomly stalking through a social networking site, I came across this line: ‘pause and reflect; ask yourself what you have done for Pakistan’ (courtesy: KarachiTips) Since then I have spent almost 24 hours wondering about what have I really done, or whether there is something I can actually do? Disconcerted, I stare at the question: What have I done so far in 22 years of my life??

Other than 14th August, the rest of my 364 days are spent blabbering about how the personnel from the forces enjoy unwanted privileges, even though I’m unsure of my own statement. When I travel internationally, I am ashamed of my green passport—I am weak. When people ask about my future I always say I want to settle down with a Pakistani living anywhere outside this country – I am selfish. The ugly truth is I am hypocrite, and there are a lot more like me out there!

I hate the graffiti on the walls, I get disgusted when beggars knock on my car’s window, I don’t go to certain areas of Karachi because they have a higher crime rate, I am scared of the volatile condition prevailing in the country every now and then, and I don’t trust my own people. I prefer turning my face away from problems rather than facing them because I am literally least bothered about this country.
Although every one of us keeps on portraying how patriotic they are but REALITY: We protect ourselves; self-security is our priority over the country today.

Okay let’s say, why don’t any of us get out of our cars and resolve the arguments on roads? Why don’t we stop blaming each other over petty religious issues? Why do we shun people who carry weapons even though they are our very own people, and were once ‘normal’ citizens like I am, like you are? What is the reason which dragged them down to such a dark road?

These questions remain unanswered as we all end up blaming our corrupt leaders, recession, and unstable political conditions while carelessly uttering the quote, ‘Jesi Awaam, Wese Hukmaraan’ which, to be honest, is actually true.  We have to put an end to this insensitivity, and ignorance dwelling within us. We, the Pakistanis, have the courage to stand up, find the hidden answers, and resolve the problems that plague us. We all can watch the patriotic advertisements on TV, and feel the goose bumps coupled with the adrenaline rush through our blood stream but when will this ‘jazba‘ make us actually stand and eventually gather in the streets as one?

It is not the BIG acts that can bring forth prosperity, but those little things which usually go unnoticed. If we can buy cupcakes decorated with Pakistan flags, and eat them to celebrate Independence Day then we can also spare a few minutes of our day to sincerely pray for the betterment of the country, and try bringing a positive attitude in ourselves regarding our nation. Now it is up to you, dear reader, to decide what will be your first step to bring about a change in the country? This country still has hope as long as there are people who care about it.

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iam a Nustian and a fun-gineer to be! iam the proud youth of Pakistan and i believe that we will bring the positive change which our country is waiting for.

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  • This is such a raw post. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the last paragraph, because hey, I’ve actually seen people order cakes and cupcakes adorned with the Pakistani flag on Independence Day, and honestly, they don’t even care what is going on in the country.

    It’s easy to nitpick, but it’s very hard to actually do something constructive that will benefit the nation.

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