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“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” – Mother Teresa

Two years ago,  Moeez Javed Rizvi, a university student,  had his academic scholarship discontinued because the organization had decided to fund programs supporting the flood victims. Moeez could have resented on the decision but he instead took it as an inspiration. An inspiration to start off his own effort by launching a firm, Virgin Teez, which targeted towards funding disaster mitigation programs nationwide.

Virgin Teez-‘ One T-Shirt, One Cause’  is a co-profit company established to raise funds and awareness about catastrophes taking place all around the globe. In every campaign, Virgin Teez partners with a different charitable organization to sell a limited edition shirt specifically designed for the cause, with a part of the revenue being donated for the humanitarian organizations. When the firm itself was launched, it received a tremendous response, with more than 5000 T-shirts being sold over the first few months, which resulted in alleviating the lives of many children by providing funds for their education. The company aims towards selling another 10000 over the next 12 months which can help another 3000 people.

We often find “cause” t-shirts falling into two different categories. Either they are the shoddy shirts that no one would wear, which rely upon your desire to support the cause as the only motivation to buy them, so they can then sit in your drawer for years only to be eventually thrown away or turned into rags. Then there are these alluring, sassy shirts that donate such a tiny percentage of their profits to the cause that it is really just a sales gimmick, and does little good.

Virgin Teez seems to fall in a different category entirely. The T-shirts have some great designs printed on fleecy fabric, with a whooping 43% of the revenue being donated to charitable firms. The other thing that makes Virgin Teez different is that each t-shirt is designed for a specific cause, and the funds are for a very specific aim. Each t-shirt has a story attached to it which details the specific people who the funds are going to help, and what the goals are; in fact the t-shirts even share the story of the people who are going to be helped.

Moeez acknowledges the various obstructions faced by the poor, and has been working relentlessly to ameliorate their condition. With the likes of Edhi and Chipa Foundation already doing their part, Moeez hopes that Virgin Teez evolves as another of such successful organizations.

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  • Great post Arun! Good to hear about such organizations :)

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