Masla Auntie 2.0, Ep. 3 – Concerned Shopaholic

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Dear Auntie!
I need help! I’m a spendthrift. Its like whatever I see I MUST buy otherwise I keep thinking about it. Like last week I just bought a handbag for myself and now yesterday I saw another one at the store and I bought that too. How do I stop? Surprisingly I always have enough money to waste :/

Concerned Shopaholic.

Sweet child, how about avoiding going to the mall so much? Go only when necessary and needed and when you do, make sure you carry only a limited amount of cash. That way you can control what you spend cause you wont have much to spend. Lets work on this for a month, shall we? Good luck.

Love, Auntie.

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Masla Auntie is known for her simplistic approach to complicated problems of life. For Masla Auntie understands the requirements of the present youth, and wish to guide them through the dilemmas they may be hesitant to share otherwise.

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