Masla Auntie 2.0, Ep. 2 – Stuck In Between

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Dear Auntie,
So I had these two very close friends A and B. They had a huge fight. I think B told some secret of A’s to D. A and B stopped talking to each other leaving me in quite a dilemma. Now, I’m stuck! For some time I was the thread holding them together but now even I am about to break. C won’t talk to me cause she thinks it’s better if I stay away from her and just be friends with A. A doesn’t really care. She is indifferent. What do I do? I don’t want to lose either of them!
– Stuck In Between.

Dear Stuck In Between,
You’ve landed yourself in quite a situation. It’s quite simple though: quality not quantity. I’d say, you let them be and move on with your life. If they aren’t ready to grow up then you have no reason to be suppressed between them. I’m sure there are plenty of mature people out there willing to be friends with you. Remember, those who aren’t meant to be will never be no matter how hard you try. If they care about you, they’ll come around. You should not feel indebted to help them. Live your life! Be happy!

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Last week,  Masla Auntie was brought back from the brink to help a confused individual over trusting someone. The matters of the heart, troubles and woes and all that in between are truly understood by  Masla Auntie

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Masla Auntie is known for her simplistic approach to complicated problems of life. For Masla Auntie understands the requirements of the present youth, and wish to guide them through the dilemmas they may be hesitant to share otherwise.

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  • I agree with her on this. I am stuck in a similar situation and I have decided to just let go.

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