Burning the Midnight Oil

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With only one month left towards the Annual HSC Exams and constantly being aware of the follies that I’ve made all year round, I now feel quite jittery on my ignorance and carelessness to not study properly because of my love for TV, Facebook, novels, cooking and what not. Having lost a good deal of time already and a long syllabus lined up for revision, is a matter I come across every year ahead of “The Exams Season” but this time I’m going to have more butterflies in my stomach than ever (more than anyone can imagine, trust me!). Well, this must be your story too as we all are sailing in the same boat of technology where, not a single day passes without logging into our Facebook accounts and scrolling down our homepages to check out what’s happening lately and getting to know of activities of our kith and kin. After sacrificing our studies to our not-so-ignorable activities and to show our true potential to our parents and teachers, we are left with no choice but to “Burn the Midnight Oil”.

Giving up cozy nights to study late at night is a hard nut to crack for me because I am really weak at holding up my slumber, and finding everyone sleeping around me I always abandon my plans to study which is another weakness I always try to overcome, but in vain. All this at the most crucial time of the year increases the need to work hard and letting me give up my oh-so-lovable activities, which, is difficult for me and I really don’t want to even think about doing it because giving up my activities and interests for whole one month will make me frail just like someone has sucked up my blood!! I know this is too much ado about nothing and I know that I’m not the only one like this here, there are a lot more like me out there!

Drawing out a complete, full-fledged plan for studying in last days is quite stupid and difficult, and the constant vigilance needed to follow it is another headache that increases my utmost desire to flee somewhere far away, to a place where nobody knows what exams are and where you get a chance to fulfill all your dreams without the need of any degree. This thought of mine seems quite whimsical but really, I wish to live in a world free of agonies, stress and all that jazz. Some of you might assent to my thoughts because in some way or the other we all are same – crazy, stupid and those with peculiar thoughts of changing the world with our wit and wisdom even when we know that we are not so intelligent. We want the world on our tips so that we can reign an army of amazing fellas armoured with the zest and zeal to fight over all those obstacles that come our way; cause we are like this, we are the adolescents of this age who, no matter how much get stern looks and quaint remarks by elders, don’t worry about our lives. We know how to get over with difficulties. Well, this is getting away from my subject but to tell you the truth this is what happens to me whenever I sit to study late at night. Envisaging about my future, thinking what everything will be like when I’ll step in practical life, how things will go, whether they’ll be in my favour or not? Whoa! All this stuff makes me unwilling to achieve my aim i.e to burn the midnight oil!

Controlling my conscience over this dreaming, which I know is vulnerable to these peculiar thoughts – that I’ve just mentioned, and making my mind to concentrate just on my studies, ignoring what’s going on around me and who is who and what is what; is really difficult when you know that you have to start all your preparations from scratch – so that you can understand bits and pieces of information provided in the books and do in exams what your parents and teachers think that you really do!

So all of you out there, who are victims of yet another exams-season-phobia try to keep hard on your studies and get good grades. All the best to you guys (and to me too)!


From the Editors: We apologize dearly for delayed posting of this article.

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  • lolxxx…All the best to all the students. May Allah pass this crucial time quickly and with shining grades.Amen

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