Giving Earth an Hour of Remembrance

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A special thanks to Khadija Raheem and Shah Talha Sohail (Green Volunteers) for their contribution to this event report.

Earth Hour 2012 was celebrated on March 31st, as a universal event, to give out the message of hope, peace and unity. The concept revolves around the notion of saving as much energy as possible in order to protect and give rest to our Mother Earth. Green Volunteers in collaboration with Let’s Build On (LBoN) celebrated this glorious event in Karachi at Park Towers, Clifton. This occasion was a result of immense hard-work, planning, and management. Along with GVP and LBoN, Solarization Welfare Organization also joined in hands to conduct this event and make it a success.

The event was, on the whole, a candle light ceremony, where people gathered around the entrance of Park Towers holding candles in their hands. They counted down to 08.30 p.m. and the lights outside Park Towers were then turned off. People stayed there for the complete hour. The candles created a pleasant environment and gathered much attention. The beautiful scenario of a lot of candles lit in the dark created a wave of unity and peace amongst everyone present there. This developed the purpose of showing our love to Planet Earth.

The audience and the participants in the event were students and families; a few people from the media, and two foreign individuals also participated enthusiastically in the event. Mohammad Sohail from the audience said: ‘I feel a sense of accomplishment in myself. I was potentially a part of the solution to the world’s biggest problem out there.’

A lot of people were oblivious about this concept, but this little gesture from a handful of people in a crowded place surely attracted many others who never knew about it. The GVP and LBoN unquestionably deserve great appreciation.

One of the participants, Iqra Sajid, said: ‘After being able to bring a positive impact in the society, I feel rather proud. It’s a sense of accomplishment that I’ve achieved merely by lighting a candle. Such events create awareness amongst our people. Not only this, they also inculcate a will to bring about a change and positivity in the society.’ Another enthusiastic participant, Zain Gill, said: ‘Being a part of such an event itself creates awareness about the group in my social circle and such events should definitely be conducted to promote taking action for a cause, instead of complaining only.’ He also praised the organizers saying: ‘LBoN and GVP have put in a lot of effort.  At the very least, I would like to extend my support and participate in all of their future ventures.’

The event faced a major concern due to an adverse situation in the city on that day. Nonetheless, the organizers still managed to attract a sizeable audience for that day. Shah Talha Sohail from Green Volunteers said: ‘I’m grateful to my fellow organizers, especially Muntazir Mahdi, and to all the people who have managed to make it here and make this event a success. Next year, InshaAllah, it will be bigger and better.’

A few minutes before 09.30 p.m., the crowd stood up for the National Anthem of Pakistan. Afterwards, they cheered Pakistan Zindabad (Long live Pakistan) with enthusiasm. That was the moment when every single person present there, felt proud to be a Pakistani; the moment to secure our nation; the moment to restore its image as one of the best countries in the world. At 09.30 p.m., the lights were turned back on and the candles were put off with the promise of a better future and a better Pakistan.

I would conclude by thanking GVP and LBoN, especially Muntazir Mahdi, for giving us an opportunity to become a part of this noble cause and for allowing Youth Correspondent to cover this event.

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  • First of all, I thanks YC for posting such a nice publication about Earth Hour 2012 celebrations at Park Towers!! I would also like to thank all the participants who with their participation made this event a big success & enabled us to show the World that we Pakistanis too care for the World as much as anyother country.
    Now, a very big thanks to Shah Talha Sohail, his GV team & my team Lets Build On especially Nabeel Dodhy personally for working with me restlessly for 3 days & making this event to happen at its best!! Thank U Nabeel, Talha & a very huge cheers for all at GV & LBoN :)

    Last but not the least, Inshallah this process of awakening, awareness, volunteerism, patriotism & making it possible for people to work for better Pakistan and this World will continue & we will be organizing some more interesting events very soon!! Fingers crossed :)

  • YC is indeed honoured Muntazir :))
    best of luck for your future,from the entire team of YC.

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