5 Ways to Get Through a Bad Presentation

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So you’re one of those bachas who have a hard time facing an audience? Not to worry, your Masla Auntie is here to bring you some of the easiest guidelines of acing a presentation.

1. Take a deep breath 
You may want to burst into tears or lash out, but preserve tranquility and composure. Don’t give your fellow mates a chance to talk about it. Carry a smile throughout.

2. Disregard what you hear
People want a reason to gossip about something. Accept it. Pay no attention to their opinions. Everyone has imperfections.

3. Confront your acquaintance
Let the person who’s laughing at your back or talking about your unsatisfactory presentation know that his/her behavior is affecting you and politely request that he/she bring it to an end.

4. Look for ways to make it better 
Take the advice from faculty members or your friend. Ask for specific areas where you lack and how to improve them.

5. Practice makes perfect
Look into the mirror and practice as many times as you can before you give your next presentation. You will notice distinct differences.

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    i so hate presentationsss

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