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Revolution is not only the name of social, economic, and political change, but it is also the name of self-change. For me, basic revolution is Self Revolution. By nature, humans like change in everything. Some things are essential for change: commitment, honesty and sincerity with self. However, unfortunately, no one seems to be ready for self-change.

A few days ago, I got this opportunity to deliver a speech in a declamation contest. There were two separate sections for the contest: School section and College/University section. There were 36 speakers from schools and 20 for college/university section. I was shocked to hear the word Inqalaab, the so-called change, from almost every speaker. Chotay moun, bari baaten. I couldn’t digest. They were almost shouting and making statements regarding revolution as if they were there to argue with government to step down. For a few minutes, I thought we were near the so-called Inqalaab, but alas, those speeches were made just to win the competition, not to bring change in Pakistan, or even self-change. They were all following the policy of win is the only word that everyone knows and were not being practically human.

When my turn came, I literally forgot my speech because of the irritation created by the word Inqalaab in my heart and mind. I was in a state of shock and was asking myself the question: “Can words only without implementation bring change?” I spent 5 minutes to convince the listeners that “agar bolney se Inqalaab anaa hota tou kab ka aa chuka hota”. We just need to stand united and implement all the statements the speakers have made while delivering their speeches. I hope that I was successful in convincing them, but if not, I must have at least confused them.

P.S. I was disqualified from the competition because nobody dares to listen to the truth in this part of the world.

The answer to my question is quite simple, but unfortunately, we are unable to answer this question because we are a sleeping nation. We don’t even care when our neighbor is being looted or someone is dying on the roadside. We never bother to call the police or the ambulance. But we are always there to curse government and the law enforcement agencies after any mishap happens in our country. Everyone is ready to bring revolution in this country, but sadly, no one is ready for Self-Revolution.

There is a common saying that tells us that saying and doing are two separate things, but unfortunately, this has never been taken seriously because we are good at saying, but when the time for doing comes, we simply ignore it. If you ask me to speak on the topic of Inqalaab, I can speak for hours without any hesitation, but if you say, let’s bring the change, then I’m sorry, I won’t support you on this. We, as a nation, are not ready to take an action. We are only always ready to make statements. Making statements is easy for us but the implementation of those statements seems to be an impossible job for us.

In a nutshell, I’d conclude that in order to bring Inqalaab in the country, we first need to bring an Inqalaab in ourselves. We need to strive for Self-Revolution first. There should be implementation behind every statement we make because I personally believe that:

“Be-Amal dil ho tou jazbat se kia hota hai,
Dharti banjar ho tou barsat se kia hota hai,
Amal lazim hai takmeel-e-tamana kay liay warna,
Roshan khaayalat se kia hota hai”.

Though this task seems a bit difficult for everyone, but think for while about how much time do we waste in fruitless discussions on revolution? We need to think behind the limits. We need to be practical, at least. I must say, “pehley khud ko tou badlo, Pakistan khudhi badal jaiga”.

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  • That’s really sad to know that even the educated individuals in that competition were not ready to listen to the truth and couldn’t bear it. That’s a pity for our country.. Why do we always keep blaming others for problems in this country and don’t look within ourselves? Why don’t we always observe others’ mistakes and don’t count on our’s? It is a shame that we are not able to persuade everyone to work earnestly without speaking ill of others..

    A very good piece of writing.Indeed! And no matter how many obstacles come your way just be the same as you are and don’t forget to join hands with us in the Road to Revolution…Because i’m the one looking for good and great friends to help build the nation!!

    And we surely will..Inshallah!!

  • Hey great article, but I think we need to be more positive. Things are happening, we are moving forward. There are several problems in the system, but Pakistan has saved itself from becoming what has become of countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. I think that little things will bring about the desired change; i think the most important thing is to be positive and believe in our country. Our sense of patriotism is what will help us keep this nation united. As for the self, the self is susceptible to changes brought about by the wider environment and we adapt to that environment. Some things you can’t just do alone, national change is one of those things, look at the protests in Syria and Egypt for example, not a one man effort. Nice work!!

    • Thank You Misha :)
      Somethings can’t be done alone, agreed! but 2 alone makes a pair and 3 alone makes a team and after adding people, it becomes a group and the list goes on. Eventually, it will become a Nation; A Truly +ve Nation. Just Think about it.
      I must repeat, “pehley khud ko tou badlen hum, Pakistan khudhi badal jaiga”.
      Better Self, Better Pakistan!
      Pakistan Zindaabad :)

  • Thank You Anum :)
    Insha’Allah I’ll continue saying and doing what is right, no matter how many obstacles come on my way and I kept doing the same in past as well Al-Hamdulillah.
    P.S: I am up for joining hands in road of revolution, if its for bringing +ve change in self and making Pakistan a better nation.

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