The Style Symbol of Pakistan – An Exclusive Interview with Farhan Saeed

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A special thanks to Shafia Wasim and Ayesha Mahmood for making this interview possible.

Melodious voice, charming looks, elegant personality – Farhan Saeed is undoubtedly a powerful asset of Pakistan Music Industry. Winning the hearts of people, this devoted artist talks about his journey as a solo singer.

You have set off on a new journey as a solo singer. Congratulations on that. Can you tell us what made you start this? Please share your experience with us.
I feel that a musicians journey should be an ongoing one and that his growth as an artist should never become stagnant. I think I learnt a lot and evolved in every aspect the 8 years I spent with Jal, and I felt like it was time to move on and explore newer horizons and discover myself. Of course, it was influenced by other reasons as well, but nonetheless was a hard decision to make. Here’s hoping it goes well.

How Farhan Saeed is different in real life from what media portrays him?
I’m a very laid-back person who loves spending time with my friends and family.

How has the response been covering Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s “Halka Halka Suroor”?
I must admit, the response for Halka Halka Suroor was much greater than I anticipated. I didn’t think people would respond to it as positively as they did.

When can we expect the video of Halka Halka Suroor?
So far I have no intentions of making a music video for it, but you’ll get to see two other videos from my upcoming album soon.

Tell us about the video for your debut single “Khawahishon”. How was it made and how was your working relationship with the main players?
Khawahison’s video was fun to shoot. I got to pull off a (fake) tattoo, something which I’ve wanted to do at least once in my life ever since I was a kid lol. The people you see in the video are the ones who have actually played these instruments, so the whole shoot was sort of like a fun jam for us.

What is different about the audiences you encounter in Pakistan and India?
The difference is not much except that in India the number of people who show up at concerts is much greater than the number that shows up in Pakistan. Obviously, the fact that they have a much greater population is one reason, but the “artist-from-across-the-border” factor attracts people too; not to forget, Pakistani music itself has a great following in India. As for me, I enjoy performing for both audiences equally and it feels good to be contributing to bridge the gap between the two nations through music.

Tell us about your recent trip to India?
Traveling to India is always a pleasure. My last trip there was pretty long and productive. The video of Pi Jaoun was shot, a few songs were worked on, and a few other things were sorted. The trip ended with me falling ill unfortunately, but overall it was very fruitful.

What has inspired you towards making music?
The power and freedom of expression music holds and the satisfaction that follows its correct use is what inspires me and draws me towards it.

When can we expect your album?
By the end of this month, InshAllah

Do you deem yourself a better live artist or a studio musician?
Working in a studio is fun, but for any musician, performing live and interacting with his/her audience is the real high. Whether I’m better at the former or the latter, I’d leave that up to you to decide :)

What is your favourite song to belt out in the car?
I listen to anything that’s on the radio. It’s good to stay updated on what other people are listening to.

If not a musician, what profession would you have chosen?
I honestly don’t know what path I’d have opted to take if I hadn’t gotten into music. This is because I got into this field just a year after I started my Bachelors in Computer Science. I would probably have been doing the same things that I’m doing other than music, but the major difference would have been that it would have been started with my parents money and not my own. So I’m glad music chose me for it because it helped me create my own identity very early in life.

You’re considered to be a style icon, your views on that?
It’s good to know that I’m seen that way. I believe in preserving one’s own individuality, and that’s what I consider style. Everyone is a style icon in a way.

What can we expect from Farhan Saeed in the future?
Lots in store for you all this month and the next! An album, and at least 2 videos inshaAllah.

Your message to the fans/the youth?
Never be afraid of exploring boundaries that you haven’t yet gathered the courage to explore.

We couldn’t resist asking this – what would you like to say about your experience with Youth Correspondent?
I had a great experience. But I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to them for the great delay in responding to this. Sorry guys!

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  • I love the halka halka suroor cover. Looking forward to Pi Jaoon ! I hope it comes out soon !

  • gr8 interview…….full of simplicity….and desperately waiting for ur album farhan :) …best of luck for ur future ! <3

  • gr888888 interview…….full of simplicity….and desperately waiting for ur album farhan :) …best of luck for ur future ! <3

  • Arey Vide0s kahan hai interview ki ???

    • Hello Sabahat, the interview was conducted online by the team.

  • i love the interview,thankyou YC! :D

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  • lovely interview…m sure farhan’s album will do wonders inshaALLAH…!!
    <3 him

  • Kitna hi uncha chale jaayein.. Udaan to aapki JAL ke saath hi thi..

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