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Music is believed to be an ‘art’ in itself. It is defined as “the art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds or both to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion”. Music – a phenomenon which is as old as mankind itself and has evolved through the ages for the like of different generations – defines a society and is a way of life for many. Music is something common to everyone in this world. It has been proven to help the mind, is used as a therapy and is a unique way of expression.

Through time, man has been able to find numerous uses of music, besides inventing its many types such as classical, rock, hip-hop and so on. Scientists are amazed as they gaze upon the immense benefits that music of all kinds has provided. In one way, music is a great help in learning in different mediums. In kindergarten schools all over the world, toddlers learn the English alphabet through singing it in a melodious, energetic tune. As the little children are attracted more towards music they are able to remember the things they learn. For such young students, even something complex like math can be turned into something enjoyable through a bit of music. In some American schools, some math teachers do mix up addition and subtraction sums with some guitar music and “voila” all of the class is involved, participating, enjoying and doing questions, that just used to bore them. In high schools, so-called ‘boring’ history lessons can be made interesting, by adding some musical tune or instrumental music from certain historical period which the students are studying. For instance, if the African history is being taught, an energetic African drum beat tune being played in the background or used as essence can assist the students in participating actively in the lessons.

Recently, doctors have found use of music, mainly classic, in different therapies. According to them music helps in clearing the mind, assists in better focusing and acts as a great relaxing tool. Music helps to relieve stress. Music is one great phenomenon, which has opened up options to doctors, which were difficult to work on initially. Any piece of good music stimulates the brain, triggering the release of important hormones, which are associated with a number of essential bodily functions.

Music has been proven to display positive effects on a child’s brain, especially classical music, as shown by child development studies. Research has shown that listening to music at an early age can increase the rate of development of synaptic connections, which assist in increasing intelligence and therefore develops an active mind. Music therapy helps in stopping disorders leading to heart disease. This is great help, as in today’s world, heart disease is a leading cause of death. “Music, particularly classical music, stimulates the frontal and prefrontal portions of the brain that perform analytical functions”, conveyed Professor Gordon Shaw from the University of California,Irvine. Research has already proven that music modulates heart rate and blood pressure, and supplements exercise programs.

Even a subconscious mind responds to the best music. Also, through music, many important messages have been spread. Announcements or advanced media does help, but good music to which people listen a lot, can spread a message quicker. Through the years, singers or music composers alike have spread the message of peace and harmony, like the American singer, Michael Jackson’s popular song “Heal the world” describes peace deterioration in this world and urges people to join hands and end all suffering and promote friendship. An American rock band, Linkin Park, presented a song, depicting the suffering terrorism has brought to the world. In their song, they mentioned the war-raged people of Palestine. Teenage people all over America were touched by that song and some even came out on the streets and arranged rallies against terrorism and genocide. Music reaches to the inner core of thinking, feeling or expression of thought that our mind connects with life experiences. Some great pieces of music have also acted as a source of inspiration. Gospel can inspire a person’s personality and thinking, and acts as a guide to choosing the right path in life.  In 1965, when the Indo-Pak war took place, one famous Pakistani classical singer, Noor Jehan, went to the border and sang patriotic songs for the Pakistani army to give them courage to fight for their motherland.

To change their mood, people listen to music. Many people feel their happiness and energy level boost after hearing music every day, for at least half an hour as studies say. Music can help someone get out of depression and lead a serene life. It is one of the best known ways for expression of emotions and brings out some hidden feelings. A piece of Beethoven’s symphony can help the mind to relax and become calm after a long day’s hard work. When listening to music the person can create any image, they want to, in their minds, as music does not restrict them in the way, movies or television programs do. Music appeals to many as a wonderful past time. Many teenagers today are seen in high school, carrying around personal music players (iPods), with headphones plugged in their ears. Pop artists or rock bands entertain crowds of thousands at different concerts. Music has the ability to heal and uplift. One can take out his or her frustration by listening to music or singing, as singers today usually do.

In many ways, music acts as food for one’s soul. It reminds us of how things were; the things are and give a view of the future of a society. Music takes one into a different world and every human from the time of birth has a deep-rooted appreciation for music. Music shall persist and always add sensitivity and momentum that is desperately required by the world in today’s era.

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  • “Food for soul” music has it’s own way of chilling our mood in distress, tireness and sadness. whenever i listen to some good music, an amazing sense of happiness haunts me and i feel like exploring broad horizons for my inner self.

    As i read this i was listening to “halka halka suroor” by Farhan Saeed which made it more interesting to read.

    • Thank you for your compliments!! I’ll make sure that my articles remain interesting!!

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