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If you take a poll concerning people’s favourite pastime and include the following options: Watching movies, Gaming, Sleeping, and Reading. Many people would prefer the first 3 options to the last option. The last option, that is, reading, might be chosen by guys and girls wearing spectacles, who might be called ‘nerds’ in that community, but such a habit is not for these people only. Considered boring by many people, the habit of reading, if viewed from a different perspective, offers a lot. Associated Press – Ipsos poll revealed that about 1 in 4 adults read no books every year.Reading benefits us spiritually, mentally and socially. Here are some reasons why you should buy those paperbacks piled up high in shelves at different bookstores with large discounts.

Unlike TV, reading requires you to use your brain, thus urging you to think more and as a result, become smarter. Reading is an important skill constructor. Books help in explaining difficult subjects, and give more intellectual information than the common classroom discussion. Reading helps to build up your word bank and vocabulary. Through reading challenging stuff, one finds himself or herself finding new words that would not be found, otherwise. An improvement in concentration and focus result from reading, as reading takes brain power. You are somewhat bound to focus on anything you read for a long duration of time.

By reading, you become well-informed and more of a specialist in the topics you read about. Such expertise builds into a great degree of self-esteem. Reading improves memory as crossword puzzles counter Alzheimer’s. If 1 out of 4 people do not read books, a discipline issue appears. Adding a book to your daily routine and sticking to it, hones discipline. Through reading, you familiarize yourself to new and more complete information, thus helping you to develop creative ideas. Hence, reading improves creativity. We all feel really uncomfortable when we run out of stuff to talk about to our friends, relatives etc. If one reads a lot, one may discuss various plots in the novels he or she has read or share some new thing he or she has learned. Sharing possibilities increase. As you read more, the depth of your knowledge is boosted. The knowledge you gain, improves your reasoning on that particular topic. If you feel bored, just pick up a good book to read and as you become interested in the topic discussed, the boredom is warded off.Readingserves to relieve stress.Readingfreshens us, and works as a remedy for a tired mind.

Some people are jeopardized by the thought of how to develop a reading habit. This does not require reading those old Shakespearean classics but only some small steps.

In your routine, set times for reading like 5-10 minutes everyday. The best time is before going to bed. Increase your set reading time when you feel like it and be persistent on it.  Anywhere you go, take your favourite book, journal etc along. You can read during free periods at school, during break at work or when you are waiting for your appointment at the doctor’s (except at the movies). Prepare a list of all the books you want to read. Whenever you hear anything good to read from a friend or online, add it to your list. Here is some more innovative advice: Create a Gmail account for your reading list. E-mail the address every time you come to know about something worth reading. Now your inbox is your reading list. When you have read anything from that list, file it under “done”.

Find someplace quiet like in your home, where there is a comfortable chair (do not lie down unless you want to sleep) and read without interruptions. No TV or computer should be nearby, so distractions may be minimized. If you really want to read seriously, cut back on internet/TV. This may be difficult for the majority, but still every minute you take off internet, gaming etc. can be put into reading. According to some people, nice books may be large expense. No worries, pay regular visits to “used” book shops and get discounts on all your favourite books, magazines etc.

Read things that really grip you and keep you going, even if they are not literary masterpieces. Develop your reading time into a pleasure. Have a hot chocolate, tea or coffee or any other snack when you read. Somewhere after ‘lose weight’, ‘stop procrastinating’, ‘read more’ is one of the life goals set by many people.Reading teaches us about things beyond our daily horizons. It improves your personality and can even help to ward off solitude.

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  • Dear readers,
    Please tell me if my article is worth reading. Good or bad, I will welcome your comments. Those who have liked this article.. thank you so much!! I’ll try my best to keep producing good articles.

  • Nicely written. Hope to see more contributions from you in future. :)

    • You will, Inshaa’ Allah!!

  • The closing statements are sweet and encouraging. It’s a good article. However,” Ipsos poll revealed that about 1 in 4 adults read no books every year.” This doesn’t make sense (grammar and otherwise) . Did this poll take into account the literacy rate? Sadly, 50% of the people in Pakistan can not read. (and that’s just the government talking!) Even then I’m sure, even when people can read they just don’t read.

  • Although iam not a reading fan,but your writing is quite convincing..good job! :)

    • Thank you so much! i hope my writing remains convincing!

  • You are right in saying that this poll does not concern the people of Pakistan. Actually when I was researching for this article, I just added this stat. This stat is actually related to the people in the USA but next time, I’ll make sure to add the stats & facts that relate to our people. Thank you for pointing out this mistake and a comment which will help me to improve..

  • it was indeed convincing
    nice one zohaib :)

    • Thank you, bro!! ur views mean a lot… :)

  • your suggestions are pretty convincing:)
    i absolutely love the ending paragraph:D
    keep it up bro! :)

  • Thank you so much, yar!!

  • Anywhere you go, take your favourite book, journal etc along…………..add it to your list.
    Although I somewhat unconsciously follow these instructions, it felt good to read what I so regularly practice.

    • Thank you so much for ur appreciation!!

  • Reading broadens our mind to think, to endeavor upon things that we don’t see in our daily life, on things that are not given attention by most people around us. The charm to visualize the real aspect of things, the power to think constructively and the joy to roam in a world created by the writer are all that reading gives us.

    i’ve noticed lot of changes in myself ever since i’ve started reading books and it feels really good .
    A very convincing piece of writing. Good Job!!!

    • Thank you for your encouragement!!

  • Definitely a good piece!

    • Thank u!! I’ll keep coming up with better stuff….

  • WOW great!
    Awwsumm.. :)

    • Thank u so much:) plz tell me how can I improve my articles….

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