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Dear Auntie,

I have anger management problem. I get extremely angry at small things and after that I feel exhausted and completely unable to do anything like studying and stuff. Please help me. I want to get rid of this.
– Angry Young Person
Dear Angry Young Person,

Anger is a part of life, and one of the root causes that may aggravate it is expectations – expectations to return the understanding that you are giving to someone, but that does not always happen and that ends in ‘making’ a person angry. Why do I say ‘making’ someone angry?
Because lashing out, although, may be an instinctive reaction… it is not a preferred choice of action because you choose to react to someone. Let us start with the basic:
  • Recognize the fact that you are angry; when you do, you will start recognizing the reasons and effects and only then can you start working in alleviating your habit.
  • Take deep breaths.
  • Change your position – if you’re sitting, then stand up or vice versa.
  • Learn to forgive – the strangers are not worth reacting over, and if people who care about you or you about them, perturb you in some way… talk to them, and tell them how that specific action of theirs make you feel. This way, you will make the relationship stronger, and it will help you stay calm as well.
  • Be the bigger person – walk away from the situation!
Food for thought?
We, as human beings, have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) – control.
That is what makes us superior to other animals.

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  • That was very helpul. :)

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