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Sportsman Spirit. What does it mean? I never knew its precise meaning previously. I never knew that this word can shear my heart like a shard of glass. I never knew that because I was a coward. Afraid to admit my mistakes. Life is surreal. We can never be brave enough unless we leave the layers of our cozy blanket and move out of the threshold with bare feet.  It’s strange but only those who have tasted the bitter fruit can truly describe the flavors. Others, only witnesses to it can only enjoy the incident while looking.

How I learnt and experienced the meaning that this word “Sportsman Spirit” entails? I was a winner since childhood. I despised the word “losing” and avoided it like a plague. My life was clear-cut. For me, there were just two ways to every endeavor. Win it or don’t bother trying! And this was precisely the lesson I used to impart to others, oblivious to the fact that I was so naïve’. Life taught me a lesson on one sunny day in June when the results forIBA’s Brandolution Competition 2011 were announced and although my team was selected to be in the Top 5, we couldn’t make it to Top 3. Initially, I felt as if my life has come to a halt. Like any other sore loser, my primary thoughts were of a biased and unfair coating over this competition, not once realizing that other teams must have taken that extra step that my team forgot to take. After hours of sitting in remorse, I came out of my reverie and sense washed over me. This comprehension came as a verbal blow when I realized that how can I be so shallow and not congratulate the winners? Haven’t others shared my happiness before when I have won any competition in the past? I did so immediately with pure heart.

That competition not only changed me personally but resolved my intention not to buckle when faced by hurdles. That day I learnt the true sense of fellowship for competitors. That day I crossed the line that separates bravery from cowardliness and went over the brighter side. That day solidified my purpose in life. That day made me a stronger person. I felt as if I have grown twenty years in that one day. I did lose that day but I lost gracefully.

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  • That’s so impressive, Naamal. Without any doubt, a lesson for those who haven’t yet realized this.
    Very motivational. Love it :D

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