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Founded recently by three enthusiastic young individuals, 3 Footwear is a footwear company that caters to all of your shoe requirements. The exquisite footwear collection offers a unique blend and a wide range of colors and designs. Here’s what Kanza Naheed, Mahrukh Isa and Saba Magsi, the creators of 3 Footwear, had to say at the occasion of the first exhibition of 3 Footwear held recently at Forum.

Youth Correspondent: Who initiated this idea?

All of us. Basically, it happened because of the bad quality of shoes available in Pakistan and the love we have for shoes. The focus was essentially on design since people were not getting the comfort they wanted from their shoes. And the shoes that were comfortable were quite expensive. Therefore, 3 Footwear is for people like us who go to universities, or people who have a working life and who will rather have the same shoe in the same amount rather in ‘that’ particular amount. We wanted to go for comfort, but we wanted to charge the right price for the comfort.

Are you currently based in Forum?

We are not based in Forum. This is our first ever exhibition and we have been working since 4-5 months after the launch our Facebook page. We are based online through Facebook. We put up shoe designs on the page and people who are interested can see the pictures, so they know what they are getting. Subsequently, people who are really interested come for appointments and we set them. That is how, you know, we have been working so far.

How reasonable are the prices?

They are pretty reasonable. Prices start from around Rs. 700 and go up to Rs.1200. Since the exhibition is around Eid, we decided to go from Rs. 700 to Rs. 2000 to give people a wider range of what we are charging. Basically, we charge for what we put on the shoe.

How do you compete against competitors who have generated a good word-of- mouth in the market?

We are inexpensive and our shoes are more comfortable. We charge the right price for the right shoes that we are offering. We don’t think of them as our competitors because our market is completely different. We work from home. We are more appointment-based. People can come when they feel like coming. 3 Footwear is more exclusive, in terms of one-on-one kind of interaction with customers, whereas, when you walk into a shoe store, there are five people who don’t even represent your brand, but are workers who work under the brand, not giving you the kind of experience you want. With us, it is more of a personal contact because when someone comes to us for an appointment at our residence, he/she gets to meet one of us. We focus on building long-lasting customer relationships.

Is one-on-one interaction with customers your Unique Selling Point?

Our primary USP is comfort at the right value. But you can say, building healthy customer relationships is one of our USPs. It is not just because of the fact that we are competing against shoe brands. That is the whole market and obviously we are a small portion of it.  With the appointment, you get to meet 3 Footwear girls. That’s something special.

How has the response been so far?

It has been pretty good. Ever since we have launched 3 Footwear, we have had good response. Whatever stock we create, we run out of it in less than two weeks. And right now, we are selling pretty well. That’s pretty amazing.


3 Footwear is a promising footwear brand that has recently come up in the market. The creative designs and distinctive colors of shoes certainly make the brand stand out. So don’t let your feet miss out on the comfort they deserve.

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  • Thank you for the covering our interview at 3 Footwear’s first ever exhibition Youth Correspondent! Wish you all the best and keep up the good work! :)

  • Congrats to the young talent for their customized creativity in footwear.

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