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‘Parvan’ a Karachi based band, shaped when 5 talented musicians met and started their musical journey together; the understanding among who symbolizes power, energy and passion when they play together on stage.

The objective of the band is not only to get recognition but to play MUSIC WITH PURPOSE. The basic purpose of playing music is to entertain the listeners and at the same time influence them by the touching power of music.

Aiming to convey a message to their audience through music, the band emphasizes greatly on the lyrics and the song writing process. The band only covers those songs in their concerts which have meaningful lyrics and captivating sound or melody. It always keeps a balance between the lyrics and the music. The basic Genre of Parvan is Rock music. The band’s inspiration, which is also reflected in their music, has come pretty much from the U-2 ofAsia, ‘Junoon’.

Defining the name and logic behind the band’s name; Parvan is about rising higher not only musically and in a tangible sense but also mentally and spiritually. The spiritual part is the essence of the name. The band believes that their music can help their fans stand on their feet to feel the power of PARVAN.

The catchy vocals of Bilal Nasir make the band standout from others. His natural God gifted voice has lightened fire in many concerts acrossKarachicity. Fawad, the keyboard player of the band is yet another outstanding musician with amazing listening and playing power. To say the least, he fills up colors in the song through his keyboards. Junaid Faizi who is on drums fills up the energy and make the crowd move with the groove. His powerful experimental beats are not easy to avoid. On bass, the band has an amazing guy with amazing skills. Sherry Fred is a guy who can really kick up the audience with his slabs and tabs on bass. He provides the whole band that rhythm with the drummer which is required to build energy in the song. Lastly, on lead guitars is the founder of the band, Zohaib Faizi with enough energy and powerful scaling to play solos and hit the high energy notes at the right time on the stage.

Parvan has performed at various huge concerts and gigs. The band has been performing since one year and already created a big fan following. Various schools and universities have been inviting the band including Beacon house school, Szabist, NUST and BahriaUniversity. At Bahria University auditorium Parvan played out an awesome concert with their Dhol wala which they call DHOLI SAEIN and rocked out the crowd completely.

Parvan is currently working on a number of original tracks which are getting ready and will be in a studio soon to be recorded professionally and released with a conceptual video. Their song Sajna is one of the most wanted songs in the underground circuit. With persistent hard work and positive approach towards music, Parvan is getting itself ready to hit the charts of the mainstream music in Pakistan pretty soon.


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  • a very nice article indeed, i can sense great potential in this band !

  • Looking forward to see more of this band in future….sounds great!

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