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A good photograph is knowing where to stand – Ansel Adams.

So we got a chance to cover Javeriah Ali, the girl behind the vintage photography from Jiah’s Photography. Read below to what this creative talent of Pakistan has to say for herself.

Date of Birth/Zodiac Sign?
1st December / Sagittarius

Family and Educational Background?
My father is a logistics manager in a British oil drilling company. My mother is completely family oriented; she is a full time housewife. Apart from that, I have an older brother who is currently enrolled in an institution in UAE and is in his last year of BBA. I recently completed my A-levels and will be joining a university soon. I have no photography education background; I’m self taught, mostly.

A lady Photographer! How did the journey start?
It all started 3 years ago, I got a 5mp cell phone and started clicking everything and then editing it. My friends started telling me how good I am with editing and photography so the passion grew and then I purchased my first dslr 2 years back and since then I have been in love with photography.

You’ve done it from weddings to concerts & from portraits to un noticed details of life. So far, what has been your best ever?
I have a special interest in fashion & food photography. I think I’m better in conceptual / creative photography.

Being a woman, have you faced any challenges in this field?
YES! I remember when I started being serious about this hobby and wanted to transform it into a part-time career, My parents didn’t approve of me going out to events and covering them, for them the idea of a being female photographer was very odd. But gradually they started being ‘ok’ with it, when they realized that there are many girls entering this industry.

What’s your reaction when people recognize you in public?
It’s actually very flattering, I go all ”awww” when someone comes upto me and says hey aren’t you Jiah, it feels good. It reminds me that I am spending my life the way I should be. Getting the recognition I deserve.

In what way you feel you contribute to Pakistan?
I still have a long way to go, But maybe someday if I am lucky enough to get international recognition I will represent Pakistan as a talented country.

Do you plan to pursue photography as a career?
Yes, I enjoy photography and there is nothing more exciting than changing your hobby into a career. And earn from doing something that I can enjoy.

How do you unwind after a long, exhausted day?
Event coverage is a pretty tiring job, I have to be on my heels for 4-5 hours continuously so that I don’t miss out any of the special moments, And after I get home I dip my feet in a tub of hot water and grab a redbull. Best relaxation technique ever!

At any time, did your talent/passion become a burden for you?
Never. I mean I do get tired if I do continuous shoots and sometimes I’m just too lazy to function and think why did I do this, but there isn’t a time that I have hated my talent/passion.

Everybody has their crazy moments. Tell us your craziest shoot story.
I remember I did a shoot last winter, It was 10pm we were doing an outdoor bridal shoot, it was extremely freezing but the bokeh outside was just too gorgeous, the bride was a darling , even though she was freezing in her gorgeous outfit she kept a happy face. It was just crazy. I remember I ended up sick the next day but totally worth it.

What do you enjoy the most about being a photographer?
The best thing is I get to shoot people, haha jokes aside the ability to be my own boss doing things how I want them to be done and when i want them to be done. free will! and also getting to make new friends.

If you could collaborate with one person, who would he/she be?
Nikosalpha, a greek photographer, I just absolutely love his work and i would love to be a part of his team! on a local level I would love to work along with fayyaz ahmed or kashif rashid.

How do you make your Sundays’ special?
Waking up late, cooking some pasta , inviting some friends over for sheesha. The usual.

Family is the biggest support one could get. How much supportive your family was throughout?
In the beginning it was a bit difficult for my family to accept my career choice but once things started to work out they have been very supportive, they got me my first equipment, my mother also joins me on a few events. My brother promotes me all the time. They have been very supportive.

The biggest fashion mistake you made?
Buying clothes that don’t fit! In hopes that I will loose some flab , but that never happens.. lol yes I am guilty of that sillyness.

What does it mean to be a Pakistani for you?
I have spent most of my years abroad, No matter where you go, no other country is home like Pakistan. I love being a Pakistani but it upsets me how the condition of our country is currently and how the people don’t stand up. Its just talk and talk and no action.

The best advice you never took?
Anger management. I am a very hot headed person. If things don’t go my way I turn evil and say alot of things I regret later. My mother always tells me to think before speaking and most of the time I don’t follow her advice.

What comes to your mind when you hear: Music, Exhibition, Tapu Javeri.
Music: Dance.
Exhibition: I need to create one where photographers like me can showcase their work with me.
Tapu Javeri: Meera. Haha other than that a great sense of humor and a talented artist.

One true confession to make?
Selfish at times..

Favourite Punch Line
The world is circular … everything comes back around to you.

Food you wouldn’t dare to eat in public
Subway sandwiches and greasy stuff.

You wouldn’t be caught dead..
Wearing a yellow dress.

Everyday must make up
More challenges for myself.

Biggest guilty pleasure
Fatty Food(pasta to be exact)! Redbull & sheesha.

Last indulgent purchase
A pair of Gorgeous heels

Oldest item in closet

Secret talent
A good dancer.

Finally, what would you like to say about your experience with Youth Correspondent?
I think its a great platform to promote young artists like myself and promoting Pakistan. In times like these, they are trying to focus on the few good things left in this country and I think they are doing a great job at it. Keep up the good work.

Photos Courtesy: Javeriah Ali (Photograhpher)
Special Thanks to: Iqra Sajid for designing the questionnaire

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  • Jiah’s photography. The name says it all!
    Yes it may sound very cliched but you’re my inspiration. True story :)

    • Osama Khalil:
      Jiah’s photography. The name says it all!
      Yes it may sound very cliched but you’re my inspiration. True story

      Aww thankyou so much Osama :)

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