Bad comes with some Good in it

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You might be reading this either because you completely disagree with the title and want to dissect this piece of writing thought by thought and talk about how ridiculous the ideas portrayed in it are, or because you completely agree with it and would like to pick up some valid arguments from here so that you can have a hot debate with someone who thinks contrary to what the title of this article is pointing at.

No matter which side you choose to be on, you would not disagree that in life we all face scores of situations that hurt us deeply and sometimes, the pain is so intense that we think we are broken beyond repair. People who emerge from such experiences are either full of vengeance for the bad that has been bestowed upon them or have surrendered to the bad experience thinking what worse can happen to them. There are very few people who realize that all the experiences that life has in store for us, whether good or bad, teach us something. These experiences occur in our lives for a purpose.

As young people, we might have just started to realize that life is getting really tough as we are growing up and the part where growing up seemed to be fun is gone with our teenage. Some of us refuse to grow up and try to live in the fantasy lives of our teenage and when someone roughly throws us into the harsh reality of responsibilities and commitments, we turn around and call them an evil person.

We often do not want to look back at such moments for nobody wants to recall the moment when they were pushed to fall flat on their face. Nobody wants to remember the humiliation they had to face when they got back up and looked at the laughing faces of the onlookers. We often however are haunted by the humiliation and the hurt we felt in that very moment and that haunting feeling reminds us of the person who made us fall and caused the situation in the first place.

Do any of us actually consider that even though that ‘evil person’ might have done what he did because he hates you or because he is the person who likes to laugh at the people who cry, but he actually did you a favor by causing you hurt? He actually made you realize that you have to accept your reality, accept that you are growing up, that there is no going back, that it is time to take on responsibilities and honor the commitments life has bestowed upon you.

There are many lessons that can be learnt from a hurtful situation. Moping around and then hating a person for the rest of your life is not going to do you any good. Judging a new person who walks into your life on basis of your past bad experiences would make you more isolated from the rest of the world and if there is one thing that all of you would agree upon, it is that human nature is not taught to live in isolation.

You need to be someone who sees something good in every bad. You need to tell yourself that the friend who betrayed your trust taught you to be more careful when you trust someone else, that the bad marriage of your parents taught you what you should not do when you have a family of your own, that the bully who just punched you in the face taught you to stand up to his kind and fight back, that your first fall has taught you that life is full of such falls and there sure will be a next time and the next time you fall, you will stand back up, dust off your hands and crack a joke about it and laugh with the onlookers.

The life we live has good and bad both. We should have the insight to spot good in bad and bad in good. The experience we have does not have as big an impact on our lives as the way we look back at it has. Life is too short to mourn the bad that happens to you. Spot the good in it and dwell in the belief that no one can take that from you…

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  • very well said, i totally agree dear… most of us don’t understand the true meaning of trials and tribulations and regard them as worst experiences of life, feel that these situations made others laugh on us but learning from such experiences is really a matter valour which builds up our confidence….
    i liked your line

    “your first fall has taught you that life is full of such falls and there sure will be a next time and the next time you fall, you will stand back up, dust off your hands and crack a joke about it and laugh with the onlookers.”

    that is really true just ignore every bad thing that others have said to you and carry on with you purpose in life with confidence….

  • Beautiful and a very well organized thought, i totally agree with your thoughts because i have also faced the similar situation a very very long time, it still hurts but you cant change anything!!
    Any ways, i want more articles from you in the not-so distant future on the same topics, you described everything really well!!

  • Thank you for your appreciation :)

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