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Life of Parveen Shakir:
Parveen Shakir, urdu poetess of modern era, was born on 24th of November, 1952. Her father’s name was Sayed Shakir Hussain Shakir, who migrated to Pakistan on 24th of June 1947. She was engaged to her cousin Dr. Naseer Ahmed in 1975 and got married in 1976.
Parveen Shakir did her matric in 1966, intermediate in 1968, B.A (Hons) in 1971 and M.A (English) from Karachi University in 1972. She appeared in CSS in 1982 and secured 2nd position in Pakistan. After 2 years of training, she started her job as a Custom Officer. While going to her office on 26th of December, 1994 (it was a rainy day in Islamabad), her car was hit by a heavy truck and she got seriously injured. She travelled to eternity after she was taken to hospital (2 days back was her 17th death anniversary) . She used to write column for “Jung” and surprising her one of the articles was published on the day of her death, was started with stating that “death is certain”. At the time of her death, she was only 42 years old and her sudden death was a great shock her fans.
Poetry of Parveen Shakir:
Her four books of poetry were only published in her life. Her first book of poetry “Khusbhoo” was published in 1977, that make her famous through the world where poetry was listen and understood. She dedicated this book to “Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi”. Her second of Poetry “Sad-e-Barg” was published in 1980. she dedicated this book to her mother. Her third book “Khud Kalaami” was published in 1985. She dedicated this book to her son “Murad”. Her fourth book “Inkaar” was published in 1990. she dedicated this book to her best friend “Mrs Parveen Qadir Agha”. Her friends got her fifth book “Kaf-e-Ainaa” published after 2 years of her death. Kaf-e-Aina was compiled from the poems written on her dairy and notebook.. Because of her heart touching poetry, she received a lot of accolades nationally and internationally. In 1991, Government of Pakistan awarded her Life time achievement award. Her family still gets Rs. 60,000 from the publication as royalty of her books. Her heart touching poetry is still listen with same interest.
Parveen Shakir used to say during her life that she won’t live more than 42 years and this proved to be right as she travelled to eternity right after 1 month of her 42nd birthday. Her best friend, Mrs. Parveen Qadir Agha, said that Parveen’s dressing table used to be filled with make up items but before 15 days of her death, her table was almost empty as if she was ready to travel to eternity. She fell in love with a guy of her age who also passed CSS later on and married the girl of his choice. Parveen Shakir’s poetry is the reflection of her broken heart. She got married to her cousin Dr. Naseer Ahmed and was divorced in 1987.
Parveen Shakir wanted to see her only son “Murad” as a Neuro Surgeon but he became a Software Engineer. She had three wishes:
1. To Perform Umra
2. To do 2nd Ph.D (She did her Ph.D from Harvard University in 1990)
3. To see her only son “Murad” as a successful person. But unfortunately, none of her wishes came true. Once she was asked that why doesn’t she write her autobiography? she replied that my poetry is enough to portray me.
Parveen Shakir was, indeed, a great poet. Her poetry is the reflection of many hearts that were broken by heartless people. Her poetry is the poetry of love that defines love in its true sense. Though, today she is not among us but she is still alive in our hearts with her heart touching poetry.

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  • whatever you write is nice , but can you tell the name of that guy with whom parveen shakir fall in love?

    • I am sorry, I don’t remember his name but yes she was in love with someone.

  • So sad to die at that age. May she rest in peace.

  • R u her son murad?

    • No, I am not. Her son’s full name is Syed Murad Ali.

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