Karachi – Bon Appétit!

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Karachi, a vibrant, fast-paced, and these days, a city of perils, still has people who are keen on eating out despite their demands at work and the risk it might cause to their lives. They try not to miss out on any opportunity to grab a mouthful anywhere, regardless of the horrible law and order conditions that prevail in the city. From open air vendors on dilapidated streets, in the middle of blaring horns, hoards of crowds and smog, to highbrow, expensive restaurants downtown or posh locales, Karachiites are there to relish their offerings.

Food outlets all over the city cater to every pocket and every taste bud. All one needs is to look around and s/he will find all kinds of different specialties, such as, desi, wadesi, barbeque, fast food, Thai, Chinese, Lebanese or Japanese. Yahan sab kuch milay ga.

The fancy lights on the stalls all the way to interiors designed by designers; every food vendor you find in the city has tried to put their best effort to keep their food place in limelight. In a nutshell, the city of lights will satiate your gastronomic fancies whether you live to eat or eat to live. So, bon appétit!

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  • This is a spot on description of the Karachi’ites love of food. Karachi is a wonderful city full of a variety of cultures that bring with them their own flavor.

  • whoever u r:p bohat bindaas description di haye aapne:p…last part of *bon apetite* was gr8 and different…it seems u have a creative mind..:))… chalien ab zada nai:p

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