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We run on electricity. Sounds bizarre, right? But no, we definitely do. All our work is suspended when the KESC along with mosquitoes suck our energy and blood. In spite of the generators or UPS installed in our homes, the time when we are deprived of our normal dosage of amperes is the only instance when we are able to sit back, throw our pens down and cross the thresholds of the rarely encountered terrace or whichever room facing the west for chilling out. Surprisingly, however, our ‘chilling out’ now is encompassed solely by all those accessories which can send us on the airwaves – evidently, electrical in nature!

Besides, unconsciously we are into it so deep that each time KESC fails to pick up our brain network signals; our energy battery bars climb down too. But luckily for us, the fruits borne by the hard work of tech-savvy folks, Apple and Blackberry provide us with alternate forms of electrical nourishment: they directly recharge and activate our adrenaline glands.

With the facility and agility to connect with the electrical signals in outer space, we get to log in to Facebook; an action which substitutes for a glass of fresh orange juice full of vitamin C. The ‘Vitamin’ nourishes our eye-sight as we continue to scroll down the page. Not only are our eye muscles able to respond rapidly, but our fingers become increasingly flexible with swift typing. And who said almonds and walnuts help with the memory? Are they nuts or monkeys? Facebook does it better! We are able to recall exactly which dress was worn by who and where. In fact, we have the evidences just a click away. See how smart we have become?

Similarly, our ears get so immune to our eclectic playlist in our super cool phone and iPod that it would not be too harsh to mention that we have become sniffer dogs nonetheless. A song playing miles away, would be recognized by its tune and rhythm without conscious control. And it is guaranteed that if someone wakes us up in the middle of the night to sing a song, we would oblige without a blink of an eye.

As if that is not enough, our face expressions change alongside the virtual emoticons placed on our gadgets. And that is precisely how our family finds us: smiling and eye-rolling onto the screen. We are so engrossed in our own electric world that even in a formal or informal gathering; we cannot do without our phones and iPods. Waiting for a doctor at the hospital, it would be unlikely to find us without wires sprouting from our ears and our fingers clicking on our phone.

These accessories have become very important to us. We are addicted! Without them our energy dwindles and we feel handicapped. Try losing your phone for a day; you will feel miserable to the core with poignant withdrawal symptoms. They are our sliver of light in the darkest tunnel of life. They are our BFF (Best Friend Forever); because they are the first ones to be updated with how terrible our exams went, how hot the weather was and particularly anything and everything we have on our mind. It is unbelievable how much consolation they provide with the music divine. If it were not for them, we would probably be swatting mosquitoes with whatever energy bars we had in store. Now, why does that sound lucrative? Oh wait! We would be killing the source of malaria and dengue, that is.

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  • This is brilliant! So true.
    My sister finds it weird that I’m looking at my phone and laughing :/

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