10 good reasons why you should get in a relationship

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  1. If you don’t like the freedom and want to be mentally and sometimes physically caged by a person, then relationship is certainly solution for you. You can not appreciate and enjoy the beauties of nature whilst having an affair. Apart from this seemingly minute restriction, you really can’t do anything without the consent of your better half. Amazingly convenient prospect for a person, I suppose.
  2. Trouble getting up early or staying up late at night? You won’t once you have to sweet talk your beloved one late at night (till morning actually) and then wake up to lovely good morning texts. Worst scenario, you have to be the one who does the charming texts.
  3. Don’t have anything to worry about in your life and want to shoulder some responsibilities? Be a man and get hooked up to a charming princess. From the issue of ‘hair straightner being out of order’ and ‘inappropriate looking nail paint’ to headaches, you will have to address every issue seriously and responsibly and calm down your princess in those testing times. A manly job to do, I must say.
  4. Son of a filthy rich person or own a personal fortune that amounts to billions? Why not spend it on a beauty who gives you sleepless nights and whose husky voice sounds like those local bus horns. I can’t think of a better way to spend my money!
  5. Have a boring life with nothing to do? Why not pair up with a hot chick and listen to her ‘not so boring’ stories all day. You can get an interesting insight into a girl’s world and know all about her stupid jealous ugly friends who never miss a chance to demote your pretty Barbie. Amazing stuff you must get to know.
  6. I am having trouble finding good reasons to get in a relationship so why not state the obvious one? Get hit by Cupid’s bow and love a girl, only to have your heart broken to pieces after some time. After all, everyone should experience the bad times to learn to appreciate the good ones.
  7. One last reason I presume is that you are just not satisfied living happily and want to have a miserable sad pitiful life, so that you can listen to all those amazing sad songs by Atif Aslam. He’s pretty good, I must say.

So here is it people, I can’t even find ten good reasons to get in a relationship, but still if you want to explore the dark areas of life, go ahead.

P.S: The use of gender sense is due to me being a guy. The reason, experiences and consequences apply to both the sexes. Don’t know about the third one though.

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  • very well written Fahad but i dont like what you wrote about Man City!
    screw you,Man U =P

  • you are supposed to only comment about Article :p Thank you :)

  • The article’s good. Join my publications team :P

  • Epic. Awesome article :)

  • Hahaha! Now this was brilliant, Fahaad! Great work indeed. Very, very impressive mashaAllah. Keep it up. :)

  • tremendous.well done fahaad

  • This one made me laugh! :D

    Yu sure have a knack of turning serious issues into hilarious ones and yet making it seem as if the matter ain’t so serious..

    And: “whose husky voice sounds like those local bus horns”.. seriously ? :p

    and the line “Don’t know about the third one though” was a perfect fit for a serious yet not so serious article..

    Keep up with the ’10 reason’ series :D..

  • this was amazing…loved it totally…keep up the good work…:) luck..:)

  • Amazing write-up! :D
    Relished the sarcasm :D

  • I can’t stop laughing.
    Good work, I must say!

  • I actually enjoyed reading it! Great piece! Hats off!

  • LOL srsly gudd… :p

  • hahahahaha LOVE THIS!

  • LMAO! Brilliant.

    “whose husky voice sounds like those local bus horns” – Bestest Line!

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