I hope this war ends with me

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When Grammar was a compulsory subject, I always tried to understand what the poet was trying to portray. While I was reading this poem by Robert Frost, I had it written in my mind that there needs to be a reply to his words. In his poem “Fire and Ice”, Frost is trying to tell people that no matter how the world may end, we only have one life and we need to make something of it. Either this or that, an option must be chosen to end this dilemma as both the options can achieve the purpose.

Fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favour fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
– Robert Frost

My Reply to his Composition

I hope this war ends with me

As i walk in the line of fire,
i only have one desire,
if i find my ice,
and shall live under the splice,
i am determined somewhat scared,
but i have courage and won’t fade,
if the world ends i know this,
my name will be known with a bliss,
i stood up for this fight,
i fought for what was right,
i am a soldier in which a nation believes,
i hope this war ends with me.
– Ali Tabish

The Author

A singer, an actor, an imaginative writer and a cricketer, currently doing my ACCA from Cams. Occupied with so much work and activities I do find time to write and learn view points of people around the globe. A man of deep convictions; a person who’s optimistic about things around him.

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  • Nice..!

  • Great Work Ali, Keep it up you have the potential to go really high, may Allah guide you in the right direction, and may the youth like you help revolutionize this country and make it a better nation again. Ameen

  • Keep it up Ali, nice work. May Allah Almighty bless you.

  • I love your poem! Great message :)

  • Love it…so simple, yet deep :)

  • Nice … i seriously like it ..provoking the nation is not a easy thing to do!! Now a days especially and through pen & paper no way … but this piece of work of yours is speechless Ali at this point and very encouraging for this generation .. good work .. would like to read more of your stuff please do share it with us :) May god give you more courage, strength & success in life . Stay Blessed :)

  • Thank you all for your kind words. This means a lot to me. :)

    Ali Tabish.

  • Good work Ali :) Hope your piece of work provokes the nation and something positive happens in future!

  • REPLY to “i hope this war ends with me”

    few words are shared; yet these words are rare…
    when a soldier speaks and a soldier dares..
    we are all safe and sheltered; inside of our safe circle..
    a word we say; each word we count
    does it really. in our circle amount?
    the war zone is spread miles in front of us..
    yet we stand here and mourn, we only stand here and scorn..

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