‘I can’t be wrong’ – A Widespread Phenomenon In The Land Of Pure

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9 out of 10 people we come across in our daily lives are affected by the curse – I can’t be wrong. People in our homeland are habitually prepared to put ahead their opinions, and if not acknowledged, are prepared to battle for them too. Every soul has a distinct mindset, a distinct insight, and has been revealed to distinct knowledge. Therefore, every individual has his own opinions. Who are we to give an opinion and label it as the best?

Yet, a fight over ‘who are you to prove me wrong?’ is the common sight in our nation. The masses need to acknowledge the fact that they can be wrong too, that someone else may have a better understanding of the situation, and that we don’t have to be right all the time.

Most of the time, before giving an opinion, we don’t tend to broaden the horizon of our imagination, however, what we tend to do is be spontaneous, and this barely considered idea of ours becomes a life menacing weapon when regarded as futile. We’d go after that bastard who questioned our intellect and tear him apart in whichever way possible.

Our nation hates to hear ‘no’ and this has indeed weakened our foundation.

A Sunni criticizes a Shia. A Pakistani criticizes an American. A Muhajir criticizes the Pathans. Are we God? Who are we to declare what’s right or what’s wrong? Who are we to pronounce our actions as the best? Who are we to believe that we can’t ever be mistaken?

The reality is that we are nothing. Before questioning any other person, we need to question ourselves. We need to understand that we aren’t God. We can’t always be right. Our knowledge is limited and our decisions are prejudiced, at times.

The day we eradicate this evil from our lives, this nation shall rise back again!

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  • “everyone hasd MADE HIS own limits” this IS the point with which we usuaLLY END Up our fights.
    everyone has their own agenda..and they move along accordinly
    A man is walking along CONcerned wITh his own problems and goals so try to make THINGS easier and simpler for his convenience and will try to defend his ideas to death rather than admitting that they are wrongg…and after a debate they are like “dekha bhai nay kaisa banaya” … :)

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