Bodyguard: Action, Comedy and Romance; all in one!

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Starring Salman Khan as Bodyguard Lovely Singh, who is working for a private security agency, the movie starts with the typical Hindi cinema shots of a love story connected to a train journey from Jaysingpur. The special appearance of the beautiful Katrina Kaif in the title track “Aya Re Aya Bodyguard” with Salman Khan’s exquisite dance moves, provides a great start to the movie.

Having been saved at the time of birth by Raj Babbar as Sartaj Sahab, the ruler of Jaisingpur, Lovely Singh is indebted to him for the rest of his life. Called to duty by Malik, the hero, Sallu Bhai, after some unbelievable 007 stunts of jumping from one running train to another, saves the kidnapped local ladies from being shipped to Thailand. One can only imagine and laugh over the fact that if Tom Cruise did these stunts, we would have believed him, but Sallu Bhai really provided a good laugh by his outrageous stunts spread throughout the entire movie.

Accomplishing the mission and partly due to his classy reputation as Bodyguard, Sartaj Sahab employs Lovely Singh for 24/7 protection of his only daughter Divya (Kareena Kapoor), who is unaware of the threat from her father’s enemies. The lovely lady along with her best friend Maya, a maid Savita, and a crazy attendant Tsunami Singh (who partly reminded me of Adnan Sami Khan before his liposuction), and Lovely Singh move to the college campus. Trying hard to get rid of her bodyguard’s uniform, Divya finds a way to have a telephone affair with the innocent bodyguard by using another name from her private cell number. After all this, Lovely Singh falls madly in love with Chayya with some great tracks like “I Love You” and “Desi Beat”.

Seeing Salman Khan as the crazy lover was not much of a surprise for the audience as he has been seen that way in the real life too. However, watching him being manipulated by a girl was really something shocking.

When Lovely Singh saves Divya from another attack in a Disco Tech, Divya/Chayya falls madly in love with Lovely Singh but cannot confront and reveal her real identity to him. Later, after being advised by Maya to end this game of love, Divya tries to take away Chayya from Lovely, explained beautifully in a sad romantic track “Teri Meri”.

After fighting the bad guys, rescuing the lady, and bringing her safely to her father, Sartaj Sahab accuses Lovely of trying to steal Divya and eloping with her as told by Savita to Divya’s aunt. Lovely presents his case and is supported by Divya. To save Lovely from being killed by her father’s guard, Divya then sends Maya to the train station where Lovely is waiting for Chayya. Now comes the climax of the movie when Lovely assumes Maya to be Chayya all along. Maya becomes Chayya and takes the love of her best friend away by marrying him and then later dying of an illness after revealing all these secrets to her son Sartaj through her diary who then takes on the role to get Divya and Lovely back into the bond they were meant for.

Duty, honor, sacrifice, romance, heartbreak, comedy and slapstick humour; these are the elements that Salman Khan’s Bodyguard holds for its audience. With amazing music given by Himesh Reshamiyya and Pritam, commendable acting by both the leads, Kareena and Salman Khan, and great on-screen chemistry, Bodyguard is a definite lookout for all Sallu Bhai fans out there.

Need a good laugh and a great time with your loved ones? Head to your nearest cinemas and watch Bodyguard Lovely Singh in action.

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  • totally agreed with the last two lines of this article saw the movie first time with a loved one and since thn am in love with this movie.. very nice article…… aa gaya dekho bodyguard!!!

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