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After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. –Aldous Huxley

Are you looking for solace? A way to seek refuge? Do you ever feel like closing your eyes and blocking the entire world out?

Do you feel like expressing yourself in a medium that has been around for centuries? Do you have the urge to let the words flow, the melodies to simply take your breath away and instill in you a few moments of pure happiness and absolute stillness?

Enjoy unadulterated pleasure with the blend of contemporary and classic music. Enjoy the rich diversity of culture that Pakistan has. The Indus River, throughout centuries, has attracted a wide range of people from all around the world, who have brought their culture with them and in different ways and have marked themselves in the historical culture of Pakistan. We, Pakistanis, enjoy a rich, diverse culture of which music forms a pertinent part. For us, it is not new to read that Pakistan has a blend of different ethnicities living in one common land. Different ethnicities do not qualify for ethnic problems. Sometimes, they can just unite us through different forms and mediums. People just have to look for the right way. Why not look around for different ways to unite us in these troubled times? Why not give the youth a chance to express themselves and their thoughts through a medium that strikes the chords in their hearts? Why not give the youth a platform to take their frustrations out, without hurting others? It is important to prove it to the world that Pakistanis enjoy the cultural diversity, are proud of it, revive in it and celebrate it!

Oh, wait! This phenomenon has occurred already! Initially started as an activation project for the Coca Cola Company in Brazil where it did not gain much popularity, Coke Studio has marked itself into the hearts of millions of people in Pakistan. It has united musicians, belonging to different regions and ethnicities, putting together both popular and mainstream musicians. Do you feel like listening to some old folk song? Coke Studio provides the best choice for you.

Do you want to listen to the beautiful and melodious voices of Zeb and Haniya? Tune into Coke Studio to enrich your ears with a wide selection of Zeb and Haniya songs. There is no doubt over the fact that Coke Studio has instilled pride in different Pakistanis. Youngsters, adolescents and adults alike enjoy the rich diversity that Coke Studio provides. In addition, (although the writer herself doesn’t like the ‘so-called’ competition between the two neighboring countries) Pakistan has been one-step ahead of India in this phenomenon. After Coke Studio launched its fourth season in Pakistan, combining a diversity of eastern, folk and contemporary music, MTV India has also taken up this endeavor.

Everything about Coke Studio is different, exiting and inspiring. Live performances later broadcasted on radio and television channels, a wide coverage on social networking sites, and its own you tube channel; it has exceeded all expectations and boundaries. No musician feels sidelined. All our favorite singers and band members have embarked on this journey with Coke Studio. Coke Studio promotes new talent, as well.

The life-long dreams of various artists in Pakistan may finally come true with this journey. Pakistanis can now feel that they are part of the bigger picture in the world. They can aim to be recognized in a different way, from what media has portrayed. The Sufi music can actually present a proof that not all Pakistanis are religious fanatics, but there are some who enjoy the harmony and embrace the diversity that Pakistan has. If you have a talent for music, if you believe that you can give something different to the music world, and if you feel that music is the form of art that reaches to millions around the world, educated or uneducated, of any race, class or religion, then Coke Studio is the ultimate choice for you.

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  • Coke Studio is an amazing platform indeed, it is stirring the national spirit among us all. However, I don’t think that it is appropriate to say “not all Pakistanis are religious fanatics”. Be it any religion, religion equals RESPECT therefore, you should be a bit more careful while selecting your words. Your voice reaches the masses, try to take a more positive approach.
    happy writing =)

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