Do not let yourself be stamped Trendy. Be a Trendsetter instead.

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It is a rampant misconception that possession of the latest accessories would give you the ability to define your personality as exquisite and bewitching. And mind you, this is not only the scenario in our part of the world. The category introduces the world’s most earning men and women who, unfortunately, are a victim of this thinking too. I used the term ‘accessories’ on a very general basis because in present times, it is not only the clothing and shoe wear that we insist on getting branded. Touch iPods, touch-screen cell phones, PDA’s, handbags, hats, glasses all fall here. You and I know nothing better than to get hold of the newest Armani sunglasses or waste an entire day hunting for the most recent Gucci handbag in the stores.

The idea to be the most ‘a la mode’ in our social circle is so captivating that it drives us beyond every limit. When I say ‘out of limits’, I do not mean offense. It is just that I fail to understand the irrational behavior, we exhibit mostly. It is irrational when you’re adamant on wearing stilettos when you are five feet and six inches in height, when you need to get a hefty outrageous looking handbag just because it is ‘in’, when you have to choose chunky jewellery for yourself even though it doesn’t fulfill your requirement. My viewpoint, in simple words, is that we should be more enthusiastic to buy stuff that matches with our personality. What is the point of spending recklessly on an iPhone? Nevertheless, we need to exempt ourselves from getting carried away by the flashy, well-publicized material that certainly does not belong in our closet. Besides, we should avoid things that cause discomfort. Why should we wear high-heels to a grand party that only results in ankle pain that doesn’t disappear before a week of moaning?

The word ‘fashion’ has two facets to itself. On one side, it implies ‘something prevalent’, while on the other angle, it connotes ‘molding or constructing something to our benefit’. The second meaning is what I am stressing on. Use stuff that not only complements your personality but also saves you from rude remarks. If you’re an adolescent, then do not hesitate in trying out dangling earrings, but if you are well over middle-aged, then DO NOT, you will only dispense people an excuse to laugh behind your back. Trust me, do everything in YOUR style and be cool about it. The rest will hasten to follow. And do not forget to adorn your face by that beautiful, priceless smile only a glimpse of which is worthy of another glance. :)

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  • Well I agree with you that we dont need to be so much BRAND conscious. Wear or buy that thing which suits you the best :D whether you find that in an ordinary shopping mall or in Levis store.

    That will even save your time and money ofcourse at times :P

    Between very well written :)

  • Thank youuuu. i’m glad you liked it. :)

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