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It becomes hard when you are asked to define an infinite term like “Art” because it happens to be one of those things that cannot be put under one single-lined definition.  The generalized concept makes the term art; revolve around paintings and drawings that leave the spectator enchanted with their aesthetic or conceptual beauty.  You can never categorize the paintings according to the subject matter because the real concept lies in the eyes of beholder. My personal experience taught me that what makes it most difficult for the painter to paint is the point that he sometimes does not want people to have their own concepts about his work but to understand the hidden message instead.

Pablo Picasso,  got recognition for his work on the concept of ‘cubism’ that had a proper conceptualization and ideas behind it and is recognized as a proper movement in the history of art. But here, if you place Picasso’s piece of art in front of somebody who does not possess the knowledge of what went around in the art history while Picasso was creating such work, would probably call it a good composition of some geometrical figures when Picasso might have portrayed some female figurine.  It often becomes hard for the audience to interpret or look at a particular piece of art, in the same way as its creator does.

A famous painting called Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci gained universal fame for the mysterious smile and deep eyes created by the painter.  The painting has been the center of attention for a long period of time. At some places, if we skim through history, we come across points where people have had doubts about whose picture it actually is. However, one thing that is common amongst all the audiences who had a look at this particular painting is that the painter has been pretty successful in grabbing the attention of the spectators for quite a while.

The painters who have been successful in conveying their very own point  of view to the audiences are the ones who have left their mark in history. Likewise, a painting that has not been able to do wonders when  it comes to marketing might be an exceptional piece of art to somebody who can see the other side of it. It is never about the colors and filling up of the canvas with eye catching stuff. Sometimes, a single dot can win hearts. It is all about the way you look at it. Art surely has no parallels, but yes, it does have a way that connects the canvas with the eye, the heart, the mind, and ties them all together.

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  • Great piece of writing expressing the true essence of art and artists. Good work :)

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