Book Launch: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child parts I&II

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Today’s the day! On this day, the 31st of July 2016 the much-anticipated script book of the 8th story in the never-fading Harry Potter series; The Cursed Child parts 1&2 comes out worldwide. And how fitting it is to release this installment on this day! the 31st of July which also happens to be the birthday of J.K Rowling the mastermind behind the Wizarding World and her main character Harry Potter himself.


The Cursed Child is the 8th story of Harry Potter following 19 years later where Deathly Hallows left off. It is based on our original characters and there kids Albus Potter. James Potter, Rose Granger-Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy. Journeying once again into the Wizarding World where I know our hearts never left, The Cursed Child was originally released as a play that premiered at the Royal Palace Theater in London. Due to popular demand it was decided for the script to be released as a book for Potterheads around the world to immerse themselves once again into the world they never truly left.

For this iconic event Liberty Books celebrated with a mini Harry Potter convention at Dolmen Mall Clifton. And I consider myself one of those lucky individuals who were able to attended those magical 4 hours today. Because let me tell you: it was nothing short of pure magic.


It was, most likely, the closest most of us (me including) will get ever get to a genuine Comic Con.

The Harry Potter launched party that took place this morning began from the early hours of 10am and lasted till 2pm. Those 4 hours were magical down to the last second. Ques had begun forming way before the clock had struck 10:00 am. Looking upon the sight before as I entered through the doors, I was awestruck by what greeted  me; there were props that were obviously one with huge amounts of creativity, stalls selling neat Harry Potter merchandise from t-shirts and mugs to notebook an all other sorts of trinkets best suited for ardent fans all gathered milling about. There were brooms, cauldrons hanging from the ceiling,  one corner was given to a replica of Platform 9 3/4. In the center was a tower like structure with a red blazing cauldron inside which unfortunately I was unable to get a close look at. And of course, every where there were people, fans or rather Potterheads who I can only presume were was excited as I was. Every where I went, on every face there was that same nostalgic expression as if it was 2007 again and we were all waiting for the release of Deathly Hallows.

There were stalls selling hp-themed cupcakes and other assorted sweets; with snitches, broomsticks, lightening shaped scars, round glasses and any other symbol from the books you can think drawn in on with icing. A stall was dedicated to painting where you could get your choice of paining done, whether you wanted a scar identical to The Boy Who Lived or a snitch that he caught in his first ever Quidditch Match. My favourite stall was the one dedicated to Harry Potter Trivia, titled Are You Muggle or Magic? Frankly speaking I simply excelled at the trivia an my prize was a small colorful poster which luckily had one of favourite Dumbledore quotes written on it;

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”

One thing I was most amazed and delighted to see was the cosplay; from little kids to teenagers to young adults to even proper adults and at one point even a baby! Truly creative and beautiful cosplays. Witches and Wizards carrying wands, wearing their Hogwarts robes and pointed hats.  As a huge fan of cosplay I was nothing short of delighted. This was the one public place where I and my fellow Potterheads could all don our Harry Potter merchandise and go about without attracting weird looks.


The most heart warming thing about cosplay and stories like Harry Potter, I believe, is how they seem to bring people together. People who all share in the love of the same thing. No one finds it weird or unwelcoming if you want to take a selfie with or snapchat someone whose cosplay you admire. A lot of people were approaching my friend to take a picture of her backpack because it had a theme of Harry’s Hogwarts’ acceptance letter printed on it. Girls went about admiring each others’ hp-themed jewelry. It was an air of excitement because it’s always wonderful and heart warming to see people of all ages come together in this way for something that they love so much.



The one personal disappointed that I faced was the photo opportunity I missed with the replica of Platform 9 3/4. They had designed it so well and even had props ready for eager fans to don and snap a photo standing in front of the famous Platform. It looked spectacular and the queue for it went all way back, it was a long winding snake line. Sadly I was unable to be a part of it.


Overall it want totally beyond my expectations and that I loved! A truly brilliant effort by Liberty Books! Kudos to them!

I bet now every Potterhead is now at home, huddles in a corner of their room already deeply immersed in the story. Excuse me while I go do the same!

But first let us think back to these memorable words:

“No story lives unless someone wants to listen…the stories we love best do live in us forever. So, whether you come back by page or by big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”                   –  J.K.Rowling


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