10 reasons why Jashn-e-Azaadi is best celebrated on the Sohni Dharti

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  1. Despite going through so much throughout the year, Pakistanis revive the spirit of independence on every 14th We welcome the new year with a new hope in our hearts and on this day, we praise the land that we walk on (instead of cursing it and its conquerors every minute). Cities turn green with millions of tiny flags fluttering from buildings, and streets are canopied under a net of green flags as patriotic songs are heard all day like the background music.
  2. The government officials’ visit to Quaid’s tomb and the soldiers’ tribute to the first Governor General of Pakistan is so invigorating, in spite of whatever feelings we have harbored for the government! The feeling of love and pride truly outshines all evils, reminding us of the events of 1947, the separations and the bloodbath that led to us having a free homeland today!
  3. Not just buildings and roads, but people too are cloaked in all kinds of greens and whites with a spirit of celebration resonating through the clinking green bangles and glossy face paints. Such uniformity symbolizes unity and communal joy that brings us together on this auspicious occasion. Also, among us are those who decide to celebrate this day in their own unique manner, revolutionizing independence day celebrations!
  4. Holiday! We need a break every now and then but a holiday on 14th August is by far the best thing that has happened to all Pakistanis. This allows them to meet family and friends, go sightseeing, and celebrate together the spirit of independence.
  5. Even though it is a public holiday for everyone, some people are on duty throughout this celebration, guarding our smiles and laughter at the risk of their lives! The police department on duty deserves a standing ovation from all civilians for the justice they do to their jobs and the loyalty they show to their country on this day.
  6. For once in the entire year, some worthwhile programs are showed on the television such as interviews with families of the martyred soldiers who spent most of their days on the border, away from their families,and proudly welcomed martyrdom in the name of Pakistan. We should sincerely take out a minute and thank them for their relentless struggle to keep us safely tucked in our homes with our families.
  7. Even in the middle of SohniDharti, DilDil Pakistan, and Aye Jawaan, our hearts soften for those Pakistani brothers and sisters whose hearts are still grieving over the tragic loss of their children in the Peshawar attack, or those who fell prey to the inhumane ruthlessness of insurgents in Baluchistan, and all others who are not with us anymore. This show of sensitivity for another’s pain again relives and strengthens the brotherhood of all Pakistanis.
  8. For all those shopaholics out there, there are flat sales all across the country on stocks specially made for 14th Branded items are made affordable and extremely reasonable at half prices or even less, all in the joy of independence.
  9. Whether it is fate or coincidence no one knows, but on almost every independence day, God showers a blissful drizzle on our land that neither floods areas, nor leaves any patch dry. Refreshing the greenery once again, this rain of independence spiritually contributes to the celebrations, with a promise of life to the Pakistani soil!
  10. Least significant but a part of this celebration too is the logos of TV channels turning green for this day, to mark the beginning of a new year with the same spirit, pride, and patriotism that we experience on this day.

Reviewed by Sundas Sajid, Junior Editor – Youth Correspondent

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