‘Interstellar’ Christopher Nolan’s Space Odyssey Is Mindblowing – Movie Review

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Interstellar is an extraordinary cinematic feat by the man who’s no stranger to pulling off incredible feats like this one. The man to whom we owe The Dark Knight Trilogy and the most mind-whirling, theory-inducing movie of perhaps all time, Inception is the man who brings us now this masterpiece, this space odyssey that is Interstellar.

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar has its highs and lows, but its highs are so high that the film is a remarkable triumph.

With Interstellar, Christopher Nolan has truly set a new mark for other filmmakers to reach. Perhaps, no movie this year is as impressive. In fact, few in all of cinematic history are this impressive with visuals that are nothing short of astounding.

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Interstellar is Christopher Nolan working with more ambition than ever. Given that this the director who bought us Inception, a film you can’t stop thinking about regardless of how many times you’ve seen it but Interstellar is truly the most ambitious work done by the director yet. And no, it’s not because this is a movie that explores the mysteries of outer-space, nor is it because it takes us out of our solar system and across the universe. It’s because Nolan crafted a tale that stands to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that love is real, that love exists.

Christopher Nolan always takes the realistic approach in his films. He’s way more interested in the possible than in the impossible. Though his films have their share of fantasy, that aspect of fantasy is always well grounded by reality. A dreamer he may be, but he never let’s go of the realistic approach and dive completely in fantasy,and that’s the approach he’s taken here. It’s good that he doesn’t bother with the supernatural, and that’s why the fact that this film proves the existence and power of love is so fascinating.

Interstellar is an incredibly scientific film. Probably not what we’re used to seeing. It’s all about discussing advanced scientific methods and ideas hoping that this will get people excited. Excited about the wonders of outer-space, our own planet, the entire universe and all the possibilities. But this scientific side of it is only secondary to the beautiful love story that is at the heart of Interstellar. No, not a romantic love story because how cliché would that be? It wouldn’t work well at all. This is the story of the incomparable bond, the unbreakable bond between parents and children.

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These are the bonds we take for granted, that we shouldn’t.  Interstellar is filled with emotionally charged moments, moments that are driven by pure passion and the way Nolan balances these moments is brilliant. Films like Interstellar are exactly what the theater-going experience is made for, and Nolan has done everything he can to make this not just a deeply personal story, but a deeply personal experience. And the heart pumping score just adds to that experience.

The film demands to be seen on the largest screen possible. Interstellar has the kinds of footage that are made for the big screen, to be fully appreciated. It looks, in every way possible, spectacular. See it on the biggest screen possible, preferably in a theater, but just see it.

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This review makes no mention of any specific plot details and that is completely intentional. Whatever you need to know before watching this movie is exactly what you have read just now. You need to truly experience this movie in the best way possible.

Interstellar is thrilling, fear-inducing, thought-provoking, mind-blowing, chilling, emotional, wondrous, devastating, uplifting, and spectacular. This is what cinemas are made for. Sure it has its flaws, all films do, but this is Christopher Nolan at his best yet, he’s practically begging other filmmakers to challenge him.

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