Condemn, Condolence, Sympathy, Empathy……then what?

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16 December’ 2014 marked another terrible attack by terrorist; it was another catastrophic day in the history of Pakistan. But nothing mattered folks, it was a regular affair in Pakistan. Blood of 132 young children was shed cruelly. Alas! We condemned this on media and social networking sites and our Government announced a mourning period of 3 days. We sympathized with the affected families too. Now what? Another committee rose; another security strategy under consideration or may be it is a time for another Zarb-e-Azab.

Why did we unite when the terrorists attacked brutally? We are ready to participate in dharnas against our government but we can’t protest for ourselves. Why do we behave like petrified, coward, weak creatures? We have put veils on our eyes and we are ones who avoid troubles by simply sitting in a corner and condemning such critical situations on social networks. We pass condolences and then forget the major losses after some days of mourning. What 16/12 has done to Peshawar families is beyond repair and no one can ameliorate it. Can we just stop being united on a catastrophic situation? Why can’t we all stand together for the entire year? Why not forever?

We have to get united for ourselves; for our future and for the next generations to come. We need to analyze what are we exactly doing to ourselves, our future and our country, Pakistan. It is not just the terrorist who kills us or our brethren; we are actually poisoning ourselves slowly and gradually.

As a civil individual, we need to kill our own inner terrorist first and then make a way towards a fight against terrorism. Throw away your cowardice.

For once, speak for yourself.

For once, participate in a dharna for yourself; not for or against any political party.

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