Children of A Lesser God

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Life has always been arduous for the common man in Pakistan. The drudgery of earning a legal living and the potential to endure the bitter realities and sufferings of life is what escalates this common man to a pedestal above our so-called leaders. It is the common man who has to bear the brunt of the VIP culture and stand for hours in a traffic jam owing to the fact that a person not so common is going to pass with his motorcade. It is the common man who has to wait for hours for the airplane to take flight as it awaits the arrival of dear politicians to board the plane. It indeed is the common man who has to show reverence to politicians by being hit by the bullets of their guards.

It is the common man who dies simply because he aspired to see one of his so-called leaders and decided to support him at his political gathering. It is the misery of common man that the intensely distressing scenes of the stampede at the PTI political gathering at Multan reiterate.

The common man who had envisioned the dream of catching a glimpse of his leader did not know that this moment of happiness might transform into a tragedy owing to the inefficiency coupled with the apathy of the very leader he aspired to see. The common man semi-consciously witnessing the apathetic attitude of his leaders and pondering why the management was not capable enough to think of space constraints and limitations beforehand, resultantly devising an effective strategy. The common man finding it hard to accept the criminality of the leaders whom he trusted. The leaders who paid no heed to the voice of the common man while he suffocated and instead kept on harping their rhetorical speeches. The common man who agrees with the notion of Shah Mehmood Qureshi that the Multan tragedy is reminiscent of Model town tragedy but also adds that the fault lies with his leaders not the city management. The common man who realizes that his party which was not able to effectively conduct a political gathering, what would it do with the state of affairs of the nation? The common man who at times wants to ask this innocent question, why cannot he use the same entrance gate to political gatherings used by his leaders? What sets him apart from them? Is not he too an individual whose life is as important as his leaders.

The common man who feels betrayed and reminisces the promises of his leaders and reflects, was this the Pakistan promised to him. A Pakistan where the death of a common man is ignored. A Pakistan where blame game reigns supreme? A Pakistan where VIP culture is at its pinnacle? If this is the Pakistan that political parties contend to evolve, then they must know by now, the common man does not needs this one. This is the time when the common man has realized his status, the fact , that though a son of a lesser God, he is the real leader ,the patriot while all others are merely dirty politicians.

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