War Against Innocents

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Since Tuesday, 8 July, Israelis have begun official combat against Palestine killing over 400 people till now including women and children. The strike began unannounced and one of the world’s most densely populated place that is Gaza is being bombed from air and from ground. Israeli troops are attacking Palestinians who are unarmed, mercilessly. The international communities all over the world are condemning this inhumane act including Pakistan but no one is doing anything for Palestinians. They are being persecuted on a large-scale, children are being killed in front of their parents, parents are tortured in front of their children.

Israel launched 160 air strikes into Gaza overnight, as its military campaign intensified. More than 300 Palestinians have been wounded. Qedra told reporters that two women and three children were killed in two separate air strikes on the central Gaza strip refugee camps of Al-Bureij and Al-Mughazi on Wednesday. According to Ibrahim Abrach, a political science professor at Al-Azhar university in Gaza, Israel launched the recent attacks because of a recently signed deal between rival Palestinian actions factions Hamas and Fatah to form a Palestinian consensus government.

According to Defense for Children International, Palestine, the death toll Palestinian children killed in Israeli bombings and dozens of others being wounded is increasing day by day. Six children were killed in a single air strike alone, the group reported, when an Israeli bomb landed on the home of Odeh Ahmed Muhammad Kaware, an alleged Hamas activist, in Khan Younis in Southern Gaza.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister denied allegations that Israel is targeting Palestinian civilians.

According to a Palestinian doctor, children in Gaza suffer from extreme stress as a result of the violence and often need a lot of support to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Thirty-three Palestinian children were killed during Israel’s last major military offensive in Gaza, DCI Palestine reported, while 353 children were killed and another 860 were injured during Israel’s three-week operation in 2008-09, dubbed operation last lead. As Israel continues to pound Gaza with air strikes, carrying out fifty bombings overnight and more throughout the day. Doctor Subhani expressed concerns about the capacity of the territory’s hospitals to attend to the many injured.

The closure of smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt, the main lifeline through which medical supplies were brought into Gaza during Israel’s last major offensive in November 2012 and the closure to the Rafah border crossing have exacerbated the problem. Gaza also suffers from a shortage of medicine and medical supplies, Gaza’s health ministry spokesman Ashraf Al-Qedra said. Gaza is completely missing about 30 percent of essential drugs, while 15 percent of the remainder is expected to be exhausted within days of an Israeli assault, he said.

Furthermore, the persistent fuel crises in Gaza, which leads to frequent electricity cuts also puts patients at risk, especially those who rely on incubators and dialysis machines and are admitted to emergency departments.

Overall, the Israeli military campaign is seen as an inhumane act around the world but as the World’s leaders fail to put this to an end, we are yet to see the Palestinians have peace and freedom that they deserve.

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