Reasons To Believe In Pakistan

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Agree with the fact that, nowadays, Pakistan is a can of worms. The system of this country is in the wrong hands, but did they elect themselves? No. I’m not blaming you for it that you elected them, but people like us did, Pakistanis did. No foreign policy or third hand elected them. Well that is a matter of fact, no one out there takes the deterioration’s debris over his/her head, but when it comes to progression everyone seems interested.
Independent of the difficulties and problems in Pakistan and some of the real holocaust, there are many blessings and happiness related to this land that we rarely look upon. Agree that, we yet not able to see Pakistan as Allama Iqbal’s poetry or as a place he did dream of, but still it’s better than many. Agree, we are facing economic crisis, but still have finance that we aren’t begging to each other. Coming to the beauty, if we just set a view to our northern areas no one is able to compare Pakistan’s natural beauty to any foreign (natural tourist spot). Places like Badshahi mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan, Sheesh Mehel, Masjid-e-Faisal do not let us go far from the reality and beauty of this land. The resolution for an independent state was passed in 1940 and the biggest achievement of it is that we are having this country on the world’s map and Pakistan let no stone unturned to prove its presence and existence to other countries.  There are numbers of people dwell on this land who makes us proud or many people left the world, but after proving them as Pakistanis and made the land proud of them. Alike Abdul Sattar Edhi, Dr. Abdus Salam, Arfa Kareem Randhawa, Naseem Hameed, Sharmeen Ubaid Chinnoy, there are millions of name through which, even in the crucial situations Pakistan’s name is on the hoof.
Standard of education is relatively low, I agree and even the literacy rate is not as high as it has to be, but the number of promising and capable students, youth, and educationalists is not any way low. Educational institutes are less, but the rate of able students is so high. Any common institute nourishes students like, Azeem Anwar, Abdullah Nazir, Askar Jaffery, Talha Ashfaq, Omer Tariq etc. I know, these names are not so common yet, but in forth coming years, their capability and hard work leads them to fame and proud for Pakistan. Amen.

Independent of religious point of view, we have our own icons and heroes in showbiz and fashion industry. Actors, writers, poets, directors, singers, etc, are uncountable of whom we can proud of as Pakistanis. Mehdi Hasan (late), Shaan, Ali Zafar, Anwar Maqsood, Durdana Butt, Umera Ahmed, Wasi Shah and the list goes on. They are the people who let you think about the qualities of this land without losing a fraction of second.

1992 Cricket world cup, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan’s invention, Guljee, Ali Moeen Nawazish, Shaukat Khanum Hospital, T20 World cup and Asia Cup 2012 are actually come of the points to be proud of and this list continues with hundreds of other achievements.

But a problem is that I am unable to end this article because achievements are so much that I am unable to mark a full stop. Happiness has arisen, and why not Pakistan has only lived 64 years yet, it will move forward and will stand in the queue of developed states soon.
InshaaAllah. Amen.
Pakistan Zindabad!

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